About European Home Remedies

About European Home Remedies

European Home Remedies as the name suggests is a blog that is mainly dedicated on posting home remedies that are part of the Traditional Medicine of the European nations. While the blog contains home remedies from different European countries, there is a special focus on the Bulgarian Traditional Medicine, as being one of the most advanced in the world. The listed home remedies are taken and translated both from authoritative health forums and blogs, as well as Traditional Medicine books.

Why Focus On The Home Remedies From Bulgaria?

What do you know about Bulgaria? Probably you have heard of the famous Bulgarian yogurt, feta cheese, wines, and rose oils. But did you know that according to world archeologists the very first civilization – before Greece and Rome, started mainly in the land of what is now Bulgaria, as well as parts of Romania, Moldova, and Serbia? Dr. David W Anthony – professor of anthropology at Hartwick College in Oneonta, N.Y. is the editor of a famous book called The Lost World of Old Europe: The Danube Valley, 5000-3500 BC. The book is a collaborative project between The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World  and over 20 museums in Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova –  the heartland of Old Europe during the Copper Age. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to Old Europe’s cultural legacy and also demonstrates that Old Europe deserves a more prominent place in our understanding of the development of early civilizations, whether due to its metallurgic or ceramic technology or its female figurines. The writing is lucid and done by experts who are conversant with the major ongoing debates in the field today and the layout is exemplary. The color photographs are plentiful and any reader can, in a sense, study the objects directly while reading the text. Anyone with an interest in learning about a burgeoning field in European prehistory—and rethinking some assumptions and conclusions about the development of civilization in the West—would enjoy this book.

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What About The Traditional Medicine Of Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is the fourth largest exporter of herbs in the world, fourth only to China, India, and Mexico. There are more than 3000 herbs that grow in Bulgaria alone, where 350 are used for the conventional medicine, and over 750 are used in the alternative medicine. Close to 18,000 tons of herbs are exported from Bulgaria annually, where most of them are only herbs – not final products. It is important to be noted that Bulgaria is among the few countries in the world that besides cultivated herbs, is also exporting wild herbs that are picked mainly from the mountain areas of the country. The price of 1 ton of herbs in Bulgaria costs around 1400 Euro. This is 4 times cheaper than countries like Switzerland, and 10 times cheaper than Japan. The biggest importers of Bulgarian herbs include Germany, France, Italy, Spain, with smaller exports to USA and Latin America.

According to the most famous and legendary Bulgarian healer – Peter Dimkov, China and Bulgaria have the most developed Traditional Medicines in the world.

Over the course of his life, he has written the biggest book on the Bulgarian Traditional Medicine in three volumes with five editions. Some say that with his natural healing methods and remedies, he was able to help over 100,000 Bulgarians to cure their diseases. In 1980 the International Association for Psycho-tronic studies (Luxemburg) awards Peter Dimkov a “diploma for a significant activity and contribution in the field of natural healing”.

Today there is almost no Bulgarian that does not know about Peter Dimkov’s books on natural healing. His methods continue to be used today, and take major part of the National Bulgarian Traditional Medicine. Peter Dimkov was born in Sophia in 1886, and peacefully died in 1981.

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