What Is An Enema And What Are The Health Benefit

What Is An Enema And What Are The Health Benefit

Combined Enemas

With camomile tea. Cover 4tablespoons of camomile flowers with one litre of boiling water and let it steep. An enema with this infusion soothes, for example, intestinal spasms. The temperature of the infusion should be 37°С.

With camomile tea, salt and soap. Add half a teaspoon of table salt and one tablespoon of liquid soap to one litre of camomile tea. You will also need about two litres of water. This enema is used to remove hardened stools.

With olive oil and soap. Mix one tablespoon of liquid soap with some warm water and stir to make foam. Add 1-2 spoons of olive oil or equal parts olive oil and glycerin. This enema is good for relieving chronic constipation.

With an infusion of flax seed and camomile. Boil a tablespoon of whole flax seed for 10 minutes in a litre of water. Remove it from the fire, add 2 tablespoons of camomile and let it steep. This enema is recommended for patients suffering from inflammation of the large intestine.

With white clay. Dissolve 250 grams of white clay (which you can buy from a pharmacy) into one litre of water.

With starch. Add 50 grams of starch to half a litre of water (42-45°С). This enema is effective in treating bowel irritations.

Retention Enemas

Half an hour after all of the water that has entered the body through the regular enema has come out, administer an additional 250 ml of warm water (37°С). The patient should hold it in through the night. This water will be absorbed by the mucous membrane.

Retention enemascan be administered on their own as well:

Enema with 200-300 ml of warm water (42-45°С).It is used to treat spastic constipation, colic, difficult urination and painful menstruation.

Enema with 200-300 ml of cold water (18-20°С) from 1 to 3 times a day. It is used to treat haemorrhoids, neurasthenia, sexual arousal, spasms in children, etc.

Enema with olive oil –administer 125-200 ml of olive oil at body temperature in the evening. The patient should be prostrated on their elbows and knees. It should be retained for 5-6 hours. This enema is used to soften hard stool, relieve constipation, etc.

In order for the water to reach deeper, gently massage the stomach upwards (toward the navel).

In patients with severe constipation the retention enema can be repeated over 5-6 consecutive days and a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate can be added to the water (but not to the olive oil). After that it is enough to administer an enema once or twice a week until the stomach has completely settled down and regulated itself.

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