Sweat Inducing and its Healing Benefits

Sweat Inducing and its Healing Benefits


These teas are particularly helpful to treat colds, acute or chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and the lungs. They can be taken both on their own and in combination with other remedies.

  1. Lime tree tea with the addition of the skin of one apple and sweetened with honey or sugar to taste. If the patient is able to, they should drink 3-5 cups of the tea quickly one after the other while it is still hot. They should then lie down in a bed that has been preheated with hot water bottles; make sure the patient is covered well with blankets. They should stay in bed until they have perspired profusely, then wipe down their body first with a damp cloth and then with a dry one.
  2. Mixed tea Mix together 30 grams of raspberries, 30 grams of lime tree flowers and 30 grams of mullein (Verbascum) flowers. Add 3 tablespoons of the mixture to 600 ml of boiling water and let it boil with the lid on for 10 minutes. Sweeten the tea to taste, drink 3-4 cups one after the other while it isstill hot and follow the instructions above.
  3. Honey tea with lemon. Add 2-3 tablespoons of pure honey and the juice of one lemon to one litre of boiling water, let it simmer on a low heat for 10 minutes and drink as much as you can while it is still hot. This tea is very beneficial for chest problems, colds, fluesand fevers. When drunk as alukewarm drink, it quenches thirst and refreshes the patient.
  4. Hops (Humulus lupulus)flowers and leaves tea. Cover a table spoon of hops flowers and leaves with 300 ml of boiling water, put a lid on your container and let the mixture sit for about an hour. Drink 2-3 cups of the tea a day. It relieves various kinds of pain, especially if the pain gives the patient trouble sleeping.
  5. Old folk recipe. Take 300 ml of old wine (red is better than white), add 300 ml of water, a full tablespoon of nebet (crystallized sugar) candy and 5 cloves. Let the mixture simmer over a low heat until only half of the liquid is left in the container. The tea should only be consumed by adults and drunk hot in one go. After the patient has perspired, follow the instructions above.

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