Sweat Inducing and its Healing Benefits

Sweat Inducing and its Healing Benefits


Another group of procedures that have an effect similar to that of steam baths are sweat-inducing infusions. Sweat Inducing 

The hot sea salt method

Lay out 2-3 kg of sea salt on a tray and heat it up over the fire to a temperature you can tolerate on your skin. Lay the salt evenly in a layer on the upper part of the bed and cover it quickly with a woolen blanket to stop it from cooling down. The patient should lie down so that the salt can warm up their entire back. Next, cover the patient well with 3-4 blankets and let them lie on the salt like this for an hour. After the patient has perspired enough, move them, well covered up, to another bed (which has been warmed up in advance) so that they canperspired a second time. After that the patient should be cooled down using the method described previously. This method is especially effectivefor treating colds and inflammatory lung diseases.

The hot soft-boiled barley method

Boil 3-4 kg of barleyfor15 minutesbut be careful not to over boil it. Strain and wait for it to cool down until it is tolerable to the touch. Cover the upper part of the bed with a sheet and spread the barley evenly or take a pillowcase as big as the patient`s back, put the barley inside and place it on the bed, again spreading the barley evenly. Cover the barley (or the pillowcase with the barley inside) with a thin blanket and have the patient lie on it – the barley should be warm but not hot and it should warm up the entire back: from the neck to the tailbone. After the patient has perspired enoughor has grown tired of the procedure, transfer them to another bed where they can perspire once more or carefully pull out the pillowcase with the barley and cover up the patient so that they can perspire again in the same bed. The patient should be cooled down afterwards. This method is particularly effective for treating colds.In order to make it easier for children to go through the treatment, warm up their back by massaging it with the palm of your hand before having them lie down on the barley.

The bachelor method

The patient should sit, fully clothed, by a blazing fire and sip hot water or camomile, lime tree or other herbal tea. After the patient has drunk 3-5 cups one after the other, they will have started sweating profusely. They should be wrapped up in a blanket or two in order for the process to continue and after that the whole body should be rubbed down with lukewarm water. Bulgarian people call it the bachelor method.



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