What is Folk Holistic Medicine and How it is Used

What is Folk Holistic Medicine and How it is Used

The use of natural healing therapies aims at restoring the health of the patient in a safe way. They work to restore the afflicted organ and its suppressed and altered functions and to reincorporate these functions into the complex and functionally interdependent structure of the organism as a whole. The natural healing therapies must be selected specifically for each patient and administered in the correct way and in the appropriate dosage in order for them to achieve their purpose and have the desired healing effects, namely: to improve the wellbeing of he organism as a whole, to strengthen the body`s defenses,to restore its neuropsychological processes,to help it fight offinflammation and microbes, to regulate the excretory functions of specific organs and glands, etc.During the treatment it is necessary to pay attention to the psychological state of the patient as well: they have to believe that they will get better, they have tostay optimistic and not lose willpower, to have trust in themselves and in those administering the treatment and to use auto-suggestion. All of these will help counteract the intrusivefears and thoughts that come with some illnesses. The desired effectis achieved through the spoken word alone.

Folk medicine uses the healing properties of nature: sunlight, air, water, food (a predominantly plant-based diet consisting mainly of fruit and different vegetable juices), sleep (which provides the necessary respite for all bodily functions), a cheerful mood, happiness, laughter,physical exercise, various massages and diets – raw foodism, healing through the use of milk, thermal waters, electricity, starvation, phytotherapy, etc, etc.Phytotherapy, for example, is one of the main methods used throughout the ages in Bulgarian folk medicine.

It is easy to see that the methods and ingredients used by folk medicine are readily available. They can be found in the environment surrounding the patient. They are an integral part of everyday life and help the body carry out its normal physiological functions. When there is an illness these same ingredients and methods are used in an altered quality and quantity and with a different force and level of influence depending on the needs of the patient, the nature of the illness and the parts of the body that are afflicted.

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