What is Folk Holistic Medicine and How it is Used

What is Folk Holistic Medicine and How it is Used

Many scientific diagnostic methods and avast number of healing practices and ways to protect against illness are borrowed from folk medicine and have been perfected in accordance with contemporary knowledge. Phytotherapy, for example, started out as a very important branch of folk medicine and has been perfected into a science.Experience shows that the treasure chest and spring of wisdom and experience that is folk medicine still has plenty to offer. Doctors and scientists who delve into folk medicine continue to stumble upon interesting and useful pieces of information, materials and facts even today. Doctors shake off the dust that the centuries have covered this information with, study it using the methods of conventional medicine, find scientific evidence to support it and use it to expand the contemporary art of healing.

The guiding principles of folk medicine can be formulated as follows:

  1. Patients should be treated using primarily natural means;
  2. Lifestyle and diet changes should be made in addition to the treatment in order to strengthen the whole organism;
  3. Treatment (both the medication and the dosage) should be strictly individual;
  4. Treatment should be comprehensive, it should have a beneficial effect not only on the organ in question but on the whole organism as well;
  5. Generally treatment should never be rushed (with the exception of special and emergency cases) because the body should be given the opportunity to battle the illness;
  6. It is necessary to make patients believe in healing and to convince them that the illness can be overcome. This can be achieved through eliminating the fear and the psychological tension it causes.

Folk medicine puts these principles into practise through:

  1. Various procedures from naturopathy (physiotherapy):compresses,poultices, baths, rub downs, massages, use of air, sunlight, physical exercise, etc;
  2. Phytotherapy;
  3. Eliminating the psychological stress and nervous tension related to the illness with the help of oral persuasion.



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