8 Effective Anti-Inflammatory Poultices

8 Effective Anti-Inflammatory Poultices


These poultices are used to treat boils, inflammation, swelling, bruises, etc, when it is necessary to warm up the area for a longer period of time in order to relieve pain or to speed up suppuration and the healing process.

Warm Flax Seed Poultice

Add flax seed to some water, milk, olive oil or diluted vinegar and crush(or grind) it for 15-20 minutes. Put the thick paste on a towel or in a bag, place it on the troubled spot while it is still hot, cover it with a piece of woollen cloth and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes. It is a good idea to prepare two bags: one to put on the troubled spot and one to warm up in the meantime so that when the first poultice cools down it can immediately be replaced with the second one. You can use the same poultice two days in a row.

If the patient is in severe pain and they are an adult, boil 3-4 poppy heads in some water and add the water to the flax seed.

If the patient is suffering from a surface inflammation of the skin, it is better to apply a thin poultice made of boiled potatoes.

Warm Hemp Seed Poultice

Prepare and apply following the instructions for the Warm Flax Seed Poultice above.

Warm Hops Cone Poultice

This poultice lessens and relieves pain very well. Prepare and apply following the instructions for the Warm Flax Seed Poultice above.

Okra, Milk and Sugar Poultice

Take about 100 grams of fresh okra and boil it in 300 ml of milk with a tablespoon of sugar for about two hours until the mixture turns into a thick paste. Place the hot paste on the troubled spot and leave it there for about half an hour like you would normally do with a regular poultice.

The same poultice can be prepared with canned or dried okra. Use canned okra as you would use fresh one. If you use dried okra, take only half the amount, cover it with the same amount of boiling water in millilitres as the amount of okra in grams you use and leave it to soften. Then add two times the amount of milk and sugar.

The poultice is very good for treating headaches, heavy bruises, etc.

The moist heat of the hot poultice can be maintained by placing an electric pad, a hot brick, a hot water bottle, etc.ontop of it. The effect of the poultice is weaker when it is cold.



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