Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Other signs of ovarian cancer

The other early signs of ovarian cancer listed below, can be triggered from other less serious conditions, but regardless of that, they may also occur in women that have developed ovarian cancer.

– Appetite loss. The ovarian cancer is known to affect the metabolism, so some patients have sudden loss of appetite which is abnormal for their nature.

– Frequent urination. Unexpected urge to urinate is another early sign that can give a hint of the presence of ovarian cancer. Gradually this urge can transform into incontinence, where a patient can lose the control of her bladder.

– Bad digestion. Having a constant nausea, gas, acid reflux among other gastro-intestinal conditions, can be an important sign that ovarian cancer is present.

– Persistent pain in the lower back. If you regularly experience labor-like, dull pain in your lower back, this might be an indicator of ovarian cancer.

– Bowel changes. Regular constipation followed by diarrhea are common in patients with ovarian cancer. This is caused as result of a tumor being swollen, which in return can place pressure on various organs – especially the bladder and the stomach.

– Abrupt weight loss. Dropping more than 10 pounds of weight in a short period of time especially if this is not as a result of hard-work at the gym or extra stress, is commonly observed in ovarian cancer patients. This is important to be mentioned to your physician at the very next check-up.

– Irregular bleeding from the vagina. Although it’s a rather rare sign of ovarian cancer, approximately 25% of patients have reported vaginal bleeding that is not associated with their monthly menses. In additional, painful intercourse, skin-color changes, rash and blisters around the vaginal area, and solid discharge can also be observed.

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