Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Important early signs of ovarian cancer you should not ignore

The ovarian cancer symptoms can be hard to recognize, especially in the early stages. Very often these symptoms can be the same with other conditions such as PMS (pre-mentrual syndrome) or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Nevertheless, the early signs of ovarian cancer listed below, are often present in women diagnosed with the disease.

– Constant bloating and enlarged abdomen. If for no reason these symptoms persist – regardless of the fact that you haven’t changed your diet or activities, and at the same time your clothes start to feel tight around your pelvic area – it’s a sign that you should discuss this with your physician.

– Pain in the lower abdominal area, and the pelvic. If this pain feels different than a normal period’s pain or indigestion, it can be a suggestive sign of ovarian cancer. Statistics have shown that a significant percentage of patients of ovarian cancer have reported an acute abdominal pain that lasted more than 2 weeks, and it wasn’t connected with menses, flu, or diarrhea.

– Having trouble eating, a feeling of being full very quickly, and persistent nausea. In the later stages of ovarian cancer, the malignant tumor can form on the omentum (where the stomach is attached with the surrounding organs.) and triggers the feeling of being full when a patient is having a meal. This condition is also called early satiety.

In case you observe that you have some of the above symptoms, it is recommended to keep notes, which of these symptoms continued regularly for more than 2-3 weeks. As a fact it is important to know that typically women under the age of 40 are highly unlikely to develop ovarian cancer.

Next step would be to schedule an appointment with your physician and get yourself checked. If after the doctor’s visit, the symptoms worsen you should not hesitate to do another check with your doctor. In addition, a second opinion is strongly recommended.



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