Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Ovarian cancer risks can be increased as a result of the following factors:

– Infertility or not giving birth

– Women above the age of 50

– Some studies have advised that the use of fertility medications, can increase the risk of ovarian cancer. However these study results are not proven to be consistent over a longer period of time.

– People with European or Ashkenazi Jewish heritage are at a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer, in comparison to African American or Asian women.

– Exposing the genitals on a regular basis to talc, or an overall exposure to Asbestos.

– Abnormal irradiation of the lower abdominal area (where the pelvis is)

– Certain viruses with particular focus on the mumps virus.



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