Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

About Ovarian Cancer

Essentially cancer is present, when cells become malignant – ie, they start to grow and multiply and the body is not able to control this process. When these malignant cells start to grow, a malignant tumors are formed. Usually cancer can spread to the other organs and tissues outside of its origin. That being said, cancer is both dangerous for its tumor growth, as well as the damage that it can cause in the case of a wide spread. The cancer tumors, overtake the normal cells, using their space, nutrients and oxygen, and in the end these cells die.

Ovarian cancer is present, when a cancerous mass (tumor) develops in the ovaries which produce the human eggs, as well as progesterone and estrogen – important hormones.  The ovaries can be found in the pelvis area (lower abdomen), on the two opposite sides of the uterus (the womb). The human eggs that are produced by the ovaries, go through the fallopian tubes and end up in the uterus, where they can eventually be fertilized when reached by the sperm.

Not all mass growths are malignant (cancerous that can spread out to other organs). The so called “benign” changes produce tumors that only grow at their place of origin, and don’t spread to damage other organs or tissues. The ovaries can form both types of tumors.

Once the so called metastasis process starts, the malignant cancerous cells start to disseminate to the near organs. They can also attack the lymph nodes, or transfer themselves through the bloodstream and invade other more remote organs such as the lungs and liver. Usually the metastasis appear in the later stages of ovarian cancer.



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