Bulgarian Home Remedies For Warts

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Warts

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Warts

  1. Warts (on arm) – if the wart has been scratched and after a week warts appear on the entire body: Finely crush the  herb forking larkspur (aka Delphinium consolida) and sprinkle and rub the very first wart. Then right after the first wart disappears, the rest will follow.
  2. Warts (if one or two) – bind the base of the wart with silk thread and let it fall or in addition,  put a cloth smeared with honey. After a few days of this treatment the warts will fall. Before you put the cloth with honey, make sure you wash your hands with cold water.
  3. Warts – every morning and evening smear the warts with propolis (it is used by bees to attach the honeycomb to the frame).
  4. Every Morning and evening the warts are smeared with pure vinegar and lemon zest. Preparation: In 125 g  of strong and high-quality vinegar, are soaked two lemon barks for 8 days.

Use: smear the liquid on the warts using a smash brash, for a couple of nights in a row. Before doing that, make sure you wash the warts in hot water for 3-5 minutes.

5. Hot bath (45°С for 10 minutes) of feet with a decoction of  walnut  leaves and piperiche (Polygonum hydropiper) (leaves and blossom). Of both take 5 table spoonfuls and boil in 2 l of water for 10 minutes. After the bath feet and hands are dried and the first wart is covered with

а) warm clay cake from the hive. Fix it with a bandage or scotch tape. It will fall off in a few days. Or:

b) a slice of tomato or lemon, sprinkled with salicylic acid (from the pharmacy). Or:

c) warm poultice of baked onions, peeled and squeezed; add 2- 3 prunes (for compote), smashed without stones and sprinkled with a little corn flour.

In addition, three evenings in a row, keep your feet for 10 minutes in hot water, and after that rub them and bind them with chicken gizzard: cut out the meat, cut the internal tough bag and bind it on the foot. At the same time put a compress on the belly, dipped in chamomile tea. Put a newspaper on top and a woolen scarf. On your head put a “cap” of fresh cabbage leaf and sprinkle its inside part with a little vinegar. Keep overnight.

6.In the morning and in the evening warts are covered with baked but cooled onions  (it is better to bake it on coals) or with onion juice, prepared in the following way: cut the onion like a funnel and fill with salt. Cut the stem and put it in a cup. Put the liquid on the warts; they will disappear in a short time with no trace. Dip the warts in hot water for 3-5 minutes before you apply the onions.

7. In the morning and in the evening warts are covered with pure wine vinegar or better, with a mix of vinegar and lemon peel.

Preparation: In 125 ml of strong vinegar of good-quality leave the peel of two lemons for 8 days.

Use: Dip a small brush in the liquid and brush warts several evenings in a row; they fall off painlessly and disappear. Before the procedure it is good to have a short hot bath of the feet.

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