European Natural Remedies For Bronchial Ashtma

European Natural Remedies For Bronchial Ashtma

European Natural Remedies For Bronchial Ashtma

In traditional medicine the alcohol infusion of calisaya is used as a remedy to dilute the bronchial mucus, to reduce hyper secretion and the swelling of bronchial membrane of asthmatic people. However, you should have in mind the fact that calisaya preparations are absolutely contraindicated for asthmatic children. Asthmatic adults should also consult a doctor before they start a treatment with   calisaya to see if they have an allergic reaction to the plant.

Asthma usually starts with a spasmodic cough and shortage of breath. Small quantities of mucus looking like glass are expectorated with the cough. The attack can be preceded by a watery nasal secretion, sneezing and cough. Difficult exhalation and very loud wheezing are characteristic of the attack of asthma. The chest becomes larger with maximum inhalation. The attack ends with sticky phlegm. Heavy long attacks can turn into an asthmatic status which is one of the most serious variants of the development of the disease. If you have an asthmatic status, bronchi do not react to bronchodilating preparations. This condition can occur if you overdose sympathomimetic preparations, if there is an infection of the airways, if the meteorological situation is unfavourable or if you stop a treatment with corticosteroids too quickly. You cannot cough out secretions; you have pains in the shoulders, the chest and the abdominal press. Rapid breathing leads to loss of moisture with the air exhaled, and as a result, the bronchial mucus thickens and becomes sticky, clogging the clearance of the bronchi. The condition of the patient becomes worse, there is wheezing, the chest bulges, the pulse quickens and the blood pressure increases. In the last stage of the illness shortness of breath and cyanosis increase, intoxication is replaced by a loss of consciousness, convulsions are possible and the blood pressure goes down.



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