Home Treatment For Arthritis With Callisia Fragrans

Home Treatment For Arthritis With Callisia Fragrans

Home Treatment For Arthritis With Callisia Fragrans

The basic forms of arthritis are the rheumatoid arthritis, the infectious arthritis, the gout and the osteoarthritis. In fact, arthritis is the common name for more than one hundred diseases. The symptoms of most of them are stiff joints and pains in the joints, so pains limit the physical activity.

In order to relieve the stiffness and the pain in the joints you should use compresses with calisaya leaves as well as massage the tender spots with a tincture from the same plant. You can also drink preparations with calisaya. If, however, after a compress or a massage with calisaya the pains in the joints increase and your temperature goes up, stop the procedures immediately and consult a doctor.

For massage of the joints and for internal intake you can also use the alcohol infusion of calisaya, prepared from one calisaya nodule with 500 ml of vodka. You should leave the extract for twenty days but you shake it from time to time. Massage you painful joints with this extract once or twice a day. You can also make compresses with it: fold a few layers of bandage and wet them with the extract; put the compress on the painful joint for an hour and a half or for two hours. Repeat the procedure.

You can take the extract internally: one table spoonful 3 times a day one 1 hour before meals for seven days. Make a ten-day break and repeat the procedure.

The painful joints can be massaged with calisaya oil or ointment.

Very often arthritis can be asymmetric, that is, only the joints of the legs are usually painful. Tendons attached to bones can be inflamed, too. In most cases reactive arthritis does not last for a long time; it can last for a few days to a few weeks and resolves itself but sometimes it can last longer and even become chronic.

You can treat arthritis with other popular remedies together with the preparations from calisaya.

Squeeze the juice of seven lemons. Clean eggshells from the membranes and boil them for five 5 minutes, then crush to powder. Add the eggshell powder to the lemon juice and leave for seven days. Filter and mix with two cups of honey. Crush five middle-size cloves of garlic and put them in the mixture. Add a decoction of calisaya. Leave the pot in a dark place for a week and then the cure is ready. Take four tea spoonfuls after lunch. After each spoonful make an interval of ten minutes. The procedure lasts for thirty or more days.

Mix two cups of linden honey, the juice of six lemons, five cloves of crushed garlic and finely crushed three or four leaves of calisaya. Keep this mixture in a glass jar or bottle for a week. Take four tea spoonfuls from the cure once a day; after each spoonful make short intervals of five to seven minutes. The procedure lasts for a month. It is very important to be very conscientious and not miss a single day.

For arthritis you can also be recommended to take an infusion of elder blossoms (Sambucus), 20 g to one litre of water. You should drink tree glasses per day. It is preferable to stay in bed.

Take 3 times a day 20 drops of calisaya juice. Make an infusion of herniary (Herniaria grabra). Take 30 to 50 g of the herb for one litre of water and drink with fresh calisaya juice, one tea spoonful of juice in half a glass of the infusion three times a day.

Alcohol infusion from dry chestnut blossoms (40 g to one litre of alcohol or vodka), mixed with fresh calisaya juice is used to massage joints if you have arthritic pains.

For your bath use a decoction of burdock roots (Arctium lappa), calisaya, heather (Calluna vulgaris), nettle (Urtica dioica), marsh ledum (Ledum palustre), thistle (Onopordum acanthium),  and cranberry leaves.

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