European Natural Remedies For Sore Throat

European Natural Remedies For Sore Throat

European Natural Remedies For Sore Throat


Sore throat usually begins with throat irritation, general indisposition, and higher temperature. If your throat is sore, your glands are swollen and you can have very painful throat, headache and general weakness. You can have fever, a higher temperature up to 38 – 39 degrees Centigrade (Celsius). Children are very susceptible to sore throat and high temperature. Sometimes you can have pistules and deposits on your glands. Sore throat can cause acute abscesses in the connective tissue around the glands. The process is usually on one of the glands. It is difficult and painful to swallow; the gland is very swollen and red. You have headache, fever, high temperature, you feel ill, exhausted; you have copious saliva and bad smell in the mouth.

There are popular remedies to cure sore throat which include calisaya.

Cut finely an onion and squeeze the juice. Add a tea spoonful of calisaya juice and a tea spoonful of honey. Take one tea spoonful of this mixture three or four times a day.

Fill to the middle a bottle of 500 ml with cut calisaya and aloe leaves. Sprinkle sugar over them. Tie the bottleneck with gauze and leave for three days.  Fill the bottle with vodka and tie the bottleneck with gauze again. Leave for three more days. Filter and squeeze the leaves. The tincture tastes like bitter-sweet liqueur. If you have sore throat, take one tea spoonful three or four times a day until you fully recover.

For gargle use an infusion made from 15 g of calisaya  and comfry (Symphytum officinale) roots each, 10 g of mallow blossom (Malva sylvestris), 10 g of rose petals,  5 g of oak bark, 10 g of mullein blossom (Verbascum densiflorum),  3 g of sage leaves  (Salvia officinalis), and 5 g of valerian roots. Take four full table spoonfuls of this mixture and pour one litre of hot water over it. Leave the infusion all the night. In the morning heat the infusion but do not leave it to boil; filter and gargle with it six or seven times during the day. Before you go to bed, put some comfry ointment on your neck, make a bandage and wrap a woollen scarf on top.

Grind two beet heads and squeeze the juice. That should be one glass of juice. Add one table spoonful of vinegar and five table spoonfuls of calisaya juice. Gargle with this solution five or six times a day. You can also gulp a little. Gargle until you feel healthy.

Add the juice of a lemon to a tea spoonful of honey and a pinch of paprika. Mix well and leave the mixture until the honey fully dissolves. Add one table spoonful of calisaya juice and drink at once. Repeat the procedure two or three times a day until all pains in your throat disappear.

Crush two cloves of garlic and pour over warm boiled water. After two hours filter, add half a tea spoonful of honey and one tea spoonful of calisaya juice. Gargle several times a day until you fully recover.

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