European Natural Remedies For Alcoholism

European Natural Remedies For Alcoholism

European Natural Remedies For Alcoholism Using Calisaya (Callisia fragrans)

There are many people who suffer from alcohol dependence today. This is connected with hereditary predisposition as well as with the individual mental attitude of the people. Unfortunately, medicine is practically helpless in the fight with alcoholism. There is a special treatment for alcoholism but after the procedures are over, people start drinking again. This is the reason why alcoholism is considered to be an incurable disease. There are medicinal preparations and herbs as well as psychological techniques which cause disgust to alcohol for some time; however, calisaya is considered to be the most effective remedy for alcohol dependence. The preparations made from this plant are used not only to remove alcohol intoxication but also to treat this harmful addiction. The only condition to be successful in fighting alcohol dependence is the wish of the people themselves to do it.

For alcohol treatment you should use decoctions and infusions from calisaya. The alcohol infusion also gives good results but the alcohol in the tincture does not always have a positive effect on the alcoholic.

The treatment has the following schedule: for 21 days take an infusion of calisaya, make a break for 5 days and start taking a decoction for 21 days; again make a break for 5 days and continue in the same way until the infusion and the decoction help you overcome the alcohol addiction.

Drink one table spoonful of the decoction once or three times a day an hour  before meals; drink  one  tea spoonful of the infusion 3-4 times a day 30-40 minutes before meals. After you finish drinking the first doses of the infusion and the decoction, gradually reduce the dosage.

During the treatment you should not take any medicines containing alcohol. If you feel like drinking alcohol, take once a day two table spoonfuls of calisaya infusion; it is best to take them in the morning.

If you have insomnia, headache and depression, it is recommendable to have baths with calisaya and mint decoction added to the water. Before going to bed rub your temples with calisaya oil extract.

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