Bulgarian Home Remedies For Abscess

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Abscess

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Abscess

You can use whole leaves of calisaya (Callisia fragrans) to treat abscesses, boils and purulent pimples but you can also use the pulp of the leaves. Boils and purulent pimples can be treated with the sap.

If the pimples and boils are very big, you should take an alcohol infusion, an infusion or a decoction of the plant.

If you see no result from the treatment after a few days, you should consult a doctor. If the skin around the abscess reddens and is painful when you touch it, immediately consult a doctor. The same is valid in the cases when lymph nodes are increased and your temperature goes up.

To make the boils maturate and when you have surface abscesses make cold compresses with calisaya leaves. Wash a leaf, which is no less than 20 cm long, very well and put it in boiling water for 30 seconds, wait to cool and wrap it in gauze. Put the compress on the tender spot.

If there are complications, together with the medicines prescribed, make an alcohol infusion of calisaya. Take one tea spoonful of the tincture twice a day 40 minutes before meals for 10 days. Make a break for one week and repeat the procedure.

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