Home Remedies with AquaVitae and Dead Water

Home Remedies with AquaVitae and Dead Water

How to use activated water to treat different diseases (AV — aquavitae, DW — dead water)

Disease Procedures Result
Adenoma of the prostate Drink half a glass of AV for five days four times a day 30 minutes before meals. After three or four days mucus is extricated. There is no urge to urinate frequently. After eight days the adenoma disappears
Sore throat For three days five times a day after meals gargle with DW and after each gargle drink a quarter of a glass of AV. The temperature goes down the first day. On the third day you are cured.
Pains in the joints of the limbs Three times a day before meals drink half a glass of DW. The pain stops on the first day.
Inflammation of the liver Drink half a glass of activated water four times a day for four days. The first day drink only DW, the other three days drink AV. Inflammation processes are neutralised.
Inflammation processes and closed boils For two days make compresses of the inflamed spots with warm DW. After forty-eight hours the inflammation processes disappear.
Haemorrhoids For one or two days lave with DW, and then put tampons with AV; change them after they dry. Bleeding stops, small cuts heal for forty-eight or thirty-six hours.
Hypertension Drink half a glass of DW twice a day. Blood pressure becomes normal.
Hypotension Drink half a glass of AV twice a day. Blood pressure becomes normal.
Purulent wounds Wash the wounds with DW, and after three to five minutes wet them with AV; after that wet them only with AV five or six times a day. The wounds heal after five or six days.
Headache Drink half a glass of DW. Headache disappears after 30 to 50 minutes.
Flu Eight times during the day rinse your mouth and lave your nose with DW. Before going to bed drink half a glass of AV After twenty-four hours the flu is gone.
Smelly feet Wash the feet with warm water, Dry and put on DW; after ten minutes pour over AV and leave to dry. The bad smell disappears.
Toothache Rinse your mouth with DW for five to ten minutes. Toothache disappears.
Acids Drink half a glass of AV. Acids disappear.
Cough Drink half a glass of AV for two days four times a day after meals. Cough disappears.
Colpitis (inflammation of the vagina) Heat DW and AV to 37-40 degrees Centigrade and lave the vagina first with DW and then, after ten minutes, with AV. Repeat the procedure for two or three days. Colpitis disappears after the first day.
Hygiene of the face In the morning and in the evening, after you wash your face rub it with DW and then with AV. Pimples disappear and the skin becomes tender.
Lichen and eczema. For three or four days wet the spot with DW and leave to dry; then, six or seven times, after ten or fifteen minutes, wet with AV. In the morning treat with DW, after that, after ten to fifteen minutes treat with AV, and six or seven times with AV during the day. Lichen and eczema disappear after three to five days.
Dandruff Wash your hair with shampoo, dry a little, rinse with DW and after three minutes with AV. Dandruff disappears and the hair becomes softer.
Burns If there are blisters, they should be ruptured. The infected area is wetted with DW; after five minutes apply AV. During the day for seven or eight times wet with AV. Procedures continue for two or three days. Burns heal for two or three days.
Swollen hands Treatment lasts fro three days. Drink half a glass of DW four times a day thirty minutes before meals the first day; three-fourths of a glass of DW the second day and half a glass of AV the third day. | Swelling decreases and pain subsides.
Diarrhoea Drink half a glass of DW. If diarrhoea does not stop during the day, repeat the procedure. Pains in the abdomen disappear after twenty to thirty minutes.
Cuts, pricking and ruptures Wash the wound with DW and bandage. The wound heals for one or two days.
Abraded neck Make a compress with warm DW; drink half a glass of DW before meals four times a day. Pains disappear after one or two days.
Radiculitis Drink three-thirds of a glass of AV three times a day. The pain disappears after one day, sometimes after twenty to forty minutes.
Varicous veins, bleeding from torn vein nodes Wash swollen and bleeding places with DW; after that wet a piece of gauze with AV and put it on the tender spots. Drink half a glass of AV every four hours four times a day. Repeat the procedure for two or three days. Bleeding stops, vessels shrink.
Sterilisation and disinfection Objects, fruits and vegetables are wetted or rubbed with cotton dipped in DW. All bacteria are destroyed. There is no danger of infection.
Dead skin removed from the soles Put your feet in a basin with warm suds. Rinse them with warm water and wet with warm DW. Rub the places with thickened skin and remove it. Wash the feet with warm AV and dry. Your soles will be soft and elastic.
Improve your self-confidence and normalize the basic functions of your body, In the morning and in the evening after meals rinse your mouth with DW and drink half a glass of AV. Your immunity will be strengthened and metabolism is normalised.

Note: If you use only AV, you will feel thirsty, so you have to have compote (stewed fruit) or sour tea. The interval between drinking AV and DW should be no less than two hours.

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