Home Remedies with AquaVitae and Dead Water

Home Remedies with AquaVitae and Dead Water

Treatment with aquavitae and dead water

The effect of the water obtained by this wonderful device is universal and often prophylactic. It is important to know what the quantity of the water and the duration of the treatment are. It is essential to know that you should not use too much water for too long time as the acidic and alkaline structure of this activated water has a very strong effect so you can use aquavitae and dead water in small doses for not more than three or four days.

  • Activated water has a good effect on internal organs such as kidneys and liver and stimulates the function of the intestines.
  • If you have gastrointestinal disorders, drink half a glass of dead water and the pains in your abdomen will stop after half an hour.
  • If you have a cold, a running nose, a sore throat or flu, activated water has a very good effect.
  • Purulent wounds, boils and burns heal immediately if you use this water. Wash the tender spot with dead water and after 3–5 minutes wash it with aqua vitae; for forty-eight hours make compresses of the sore spot only with aquavitae. If you have internal purulent spots, keep a compress with dead water for forty-eight hours.
  • If you have toothache, rinse your mouth with dead water (anolyte) and your toothache will disappear. Anolyte has a high penetrating ability into the living tissue and destroys bacteria so that the inflammation purulent process is stopped and the pain stops, too.
  • In cosmetics this water can be used to restore the hair growth and to improve the condition of the skin. After you wash your hair, dry it a little with a towel and rinse with dead water, and then with aquavitae. After you wash your face, rub it with a piece of cotton first with dead water and then with aquavitae. Your skin will be clean and fresh.
  • In order to improve the general tonus of your body, after meals in the morning and in the evening, you can rinse your mouth first with dead water and then drink half a glass of aquavitae.

You can find more detailed information how to use aquavitae and dead water in the following table.



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