Interesting Facts About People That Are 100 Years Old And Over

Interesting Facts About People That Are 100 Years Old And Over

You should have only one partner; he/she should be healthy and you should trust each other fully.  Different kinds of energy are exchanged between the partners during a sexual act and this process is considered to be a tool for spiritual development according to eastern disciplines such as Tantra Yoga, Dao and others. This matter is rather specific and requires special knowledge and preparation which you can receive from specialized literature. In any case, you should be careful and cautious with this complicated matter.

Physical activity and sports

Together with your diet, this is an exceptionally important section which defines human long life. If you study the biographies of centenarians, you will see that they all were dynamic people, physically active and hard-working. They were mostly physical workers: farmers, shepherds, foresters, teachers of martial arts, craftsmen and others. The ones who were intellectuals, combined mental with physical work or replaced physical work with sports, tourism, walks in the country and psychophysical disciplines such as Yoga, Qigong, Wushu, Dao–Yin and others. 100 Years Old

In Lu’s Almanac from the third century B.C. there is a Chinese proverb about physical exercises which says, “Flowing water never goes bad; door hubs never gather termites”. The same is valid for the physical and vital energy of man.



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