Interesting Facts About People That Are 100 Years Old And Over

Interesting Facts About People That Are 100 Years Old And Over

100 Years Old And Over – How to Achieve It?

Hygiene, family and sex life

As we all know, these factors are extremely important for long life. Most of the centenarians love cleanness and water. Even when they are elderly, even in cold weather, they strengthen their bodies with water procedures and bathing in springs and pools in the open. It is very good for your health if you use mineral and hot springs for hygiene purposes. 100 Years Old

Apart from the cleaning effect of water, it has other properties, for example, it can earthen and remove negative energy accumulated in everyday life. Baths, spa and contrast showers are very useful.

When you wash or take a bath or a shower, you should use neutral soap; you should not use too many shampoos and other kinds of soap as they damage the protective acidity of the skin.

Most centenarians have good stable families and there is a harmonious relationship between the spouses. Their marriages very often last for more than fifty years. Surveys show that lonely people, bachelors and spinsters grow older quicker and die comparatively young. Most of them can have psychological problems and be mentally disturbed.

Sex life is a very specific sphere which is important for your good health and long life.  Here it should be emphasized that sex energy is an extremely powerful source of vitality and should be used carefully and wisely. Most of the centenarians surveyed have normal sex life to very old age; some of them have children after they are one hundred years old.



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