Aqua Vitae and Dead Water – How They Are Produced

Aqua Vitae and Dead Water – How They Are Produced

These properties were examined in different institutes and laboratories in Moscow, Kiev (the capital of Ukraine), Tashkent (the capital of Uzbekistan), Kazan (the capital of Tatarstan) and some other cities. A wide scope of possible practical application of these properties has been discovered, in production and in everyday life.

Workers from the food industry were interested how acidic water could prolong shelf life of perishable products. Doctors were impressed by the fact that it stopped inflammation processes and was suitable for the treatment of scratches and wounds. Treating scratches and wounds with alkaline water accelerated healing. Aqua Vitae

Experiments with plants showed curious results: some plants were watered with ordinary water, others with alkaline water (catholyte) and some with acidic water (anolyte). The first group developed well, the second group grew much quicker, and the third group did not grow at all. When the third group was watered with alkaline water, the plants began to grow very quickly, much quicker than the first two groups.

Doctor Smelova, MD, who is a healer, too, said about the device, “Its performance is very simple. We know from chemistry that all liquids are electrolytes. Water is one of the purest electrolytes; there is some quantity of metals and mineral substances in it. Under the influence of the electric current the chemical reaction results in alkaline, positively charged, aqua vitae and acidic, negatively charged, dead water. The human body is in fact a big biochemical laboratory. Seventy percent of it is water. The acidic environment has the property to kill dangerous bacteria and viruses and helps cleanse the parts of the skin or the internal organs where there is inflammation. Inflammation is a result of intensive breeding of micro organisms. Alkaline environment restores damaged tissues. A biochemical oxidative and recovering reaction takes place”.



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