Aqua Vitae and Dead Water – How They Are Produced

Aqua Vitae and Dead Water – How They Are Produced

Miracles continued. A neighbour spilled boiling water on her arm and received burns of the third degree (there are four degrees of burns; the second and the third degrees mean that over 15% of the skin is burned). She used aqua vitae and dead water from Krotov’s device and after two days there was no sign of the burn. The son of a friend of Krotov’s had pus in the veins and there were deposits in his throat. Krotov recommended the boy to start gargling with activated water. The boy began to rinse his gums and gargle with dead water; after that he drank a glass of aqua vitae. The result was that the boy got rid of all his ailing after three days.

More than 600 people with different diseases were treated with the miraculous water and in all cases the result was positive.

The water was tested in the laboratory of Stavropol Water and Sewerage Company (aqua vitae — 11.4 units, dead water — 4.21 units) and the results showed that this concentration decreased with only several hundredths for a month and temperature did not influence the water activity.

After inventing the device, Krotov made a practical schedule of procedures with activated water for a number of diseases and he defined how long the treatment should be, and when the process of recovering could be expected.

How does the device work?

 So, water offered the scientists the next mystery when they treated it with electric current. The same effect was observed earlier with electrolysis but as a temporary effect: if you run electric current between the two electrodes dipped in water, around one of them, the anode, acidic environment is formed, and around the cathode, alkaline environment is formed. After the current is switched off, the water becomes neutral again. Aqua Vitae

A semipermiable barrier was put between the electrodes without distorting the effect so that mixing environments, formed by the electric current, was prevented and two different liquids, anolyte and catholyte were obtained. They were examined and the new active properties of the unusual water were discovered: the anolyte has surviving properties, the catholyte has restoring properties.



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