Aqua Vitae and Dead Water – How They Are Produced

Aqua Vitae and Dead Water – How They Are Produced

Aqua Vitae and Dead Water – the story about the invention of a wonderful device

 The inventor of the device to prepare aqua vita and dead water, L.I.Krotov, is widely known in the circles that have had the need of prophylaxis or treatment with aqua vitae and dead water. Aqua Vitae

So, in the beginning of 1981 L.I.Krotov had a diagnosis: inflammation of the kidneys and an adenoma of the prostate. The future inventor of the miraculous device went to hospital. He spent more than a month at the urological ward of the Stavropol medical institute (the town of Stavropol is on the Caucasus). When he was offered an operation of the adenoma, he refused to be operated on so he left the hospital. From that moment on he began to act by himself.

He was very ill but nevertheless he worked on the device for aqua vitae and dead water for more than three years. In the journal Inventors and Innovators there was an article Unexpected Water. In the same journal there was an interview with an academician from the Uzbek Academy of Sciences under the title Activated Water is Perspective.  Krotov made his first tests on the water he received on the wound on his son’s arm which would not heal for six months. The treatment exceeded all Krotov’s expectations. The wound healed on the second day! Krotov began to drink aqua vitae, half a glass before meals, three times a day, and felt an obvious relief. His adenoma disappeared after a week. His radiculitis disappeared, too, and his swollen legs became normal again. His blood pressure became normal, too.  He went to the polyclinic one week after he began drinking the aqua vitae. After the tests doctors were amazed to see that he was completely healthy. Aqua Vitae



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