The Health Benefits of Green Tea – Part 2

The Health Benefits of Green Tea – Part 2

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

The work of Dr Fujiki and his colleagues

The main task of the team is to look for ways and means to prevent cancer and to find remedy for this world – wide spread disease. Health Benefits of Green Tea

In the process of research, the researchers managed to isolate in green tea one of the most effective anti – carcinogenic substance ever known. They made a lot of experiments on mice and proved that this substance, known as ЕGСG. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), also known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate, is the ester of epigallocatechin and gallic acid, and is a type of catechin. It prevents the spreading of tumours on the skin, the carcinogenesis in the gastrointestinal tract and in other organs and heals existing tumours in the intestines. Later clinical experiments proved that the anti – carcinogenic effect of the substance is good for people as well

ЕGСG prevents metastases in the lungs.

ЕGСG stops the growth of carcinoma cells in the lungs, the stomach, the intestines, the liver and the skin.

ЕGСG reduces the toxic effect of smoking.

Clinical experiments for breast cancer, the pancreas and the prostate cancers have not been finished yet.

Japanese researchers are determined that daily drinking green tea can be a perfect and inexpensive means for the prevention of cancer. Their research confirmed the conviction, popular in many Asian countries, that green tea has an exceptional importance for good health and possesses a universal healing effect if it is taken on a regular basis. Green tea has an anti – carcinogenic effect, it favourably influences the heart, blood vessels, blood circulation, the liver, the diabetes and the cholesterol level.

Based on his research results, Dr Fujiki recommends drinking ten cups of green tea per day. About one gram of ЕGСG is contained in one tea cup but we should have in mind that Japanese tea cups contain maximum 100 ml of liquid so  you have to calculate the number of cups of tea according to your own tea cups. Maybe, that might be about six or seven cups of tea.

Tea should not be strong. The maximum dose is a flat teaspoonful of dry drug per cup. You should be careful about the caffeine effect which is different with different people. If you feel overexcited, you should drink tea in the morning and at noon and not in the evening.

Recently an American research proved that there are 90 substances with probable anti – carcinogenic effect. Tests showed that only eight out of them have a good effect. These are vitamins and residual elements which are contained in natural foods. Therefore, drinking green tea is recommended to be completed with natural nutritious food, and that is very important in the prophylaxis of cancer diseases and for the good condition of the heart, the liver, blood circulation and the whole body. Health Benefits of Green Tea

How to keep tea

Tea should be kept in well closed and absolutely dry utensils. Wooden, tin or porcelain boxes are suitable for this purpose as well as multilayer bags which do not let light through. All these containers should be used only for tea so that its aroma is not lost.

Tea should be kept in a cool dark place inaccessible to light, sunshine or heat.

Tea is kept the best in small quantities; you should be careful when you open the box so that steam, for instance, does not make the tea damp.

Well preserved tea can keep its good quality up to five years. Green tea loses its aroma slower that black tea.

How to prepare the tea

Tea drinking should be a delight for body and soul even when you take green tea only as a cure. The aroma, the content of active substances and the dosage should be optimal. Only correct and careful preparation meets these requirements.

Tea drinking in China and Japan is a ceremony. With common people the ritual is simpler whereas in Zen Buddhism the meditative tea ceremonies engage the consciousness completely.

During the colonial era the tea culture in India was strongly influenced by the English. In England and in India still use mainly black tea with a lot of milk and sugar (the rule is: hot tea, cold milk).

The classical preparation of green tea includes the following stages:

  1. Heat the pot and the cups. Especially in winter fill the pot and the cups with hot water.
  2. Dose the tea. For one cup take 2 g of the drug (a flat tea spoonful). Put the tea in the pot. If you prepare more than four or five cups, you have to put one flat spoonful for each cup and one tea spoonful for the pot.
  3. Pour hot water. After you boil the water leave it for some time to stop boiling, then pour it over the tea leaves.
  4. Pour the hot water out of the cups if they were filled with water while the tea was in the pot.
  5. Pour the tea into the cups. If you leave the tea in the pot for a short time, it will be very stimulating and will have a mild aroma. If you leave the tea for four to six minutes in the pot, the aroma will be stronger, the tea will be slightly bitter and the stimulating effect will be lower but longer. First pour a little tea into each cup, and then pour it until you fill the cups. In this way the quality and effect of the tea is the same in all cups.

You can pour hot water in the pot again. As the tea leaves have taken a rather big quantity of water, this time you can leave them in the pot for a shorter time, half the time which you need for the first serving.

Who is green tea suitable for?

As green tea contains caffeine, it should not be taken in big quantities by children to quench their thirst. Herb teas like mint (Menta pipperita), melissa (Melissa officinalis), linden blossom and others, with a little honey, not sugar, are good for children.

The reasonable drinking of green tea considerably increases capacity to work of young people, especially before exams. Green tea is the perfect natural drink for athletes. It refreshes and quenches the thirst; you can drink it cold, too. If you drink green tea, your concentration, motivation and strength will be improved. The perfect combination of active components, the high content of vitamin C and other vitamins, residual elements and others improve physical achievements.

Green tea is also an excellent supplier of iron and zinc which makes it very useful for pregnant women. If they drink green tea regularly, they will always be full of life and in good mood. Some women are sensitive to caffeine so they are recommended to drink teas with less caffeine and to limit green tea in the late afternoon and in the evening.

It is proved that during the menopause many women feel more nervous and sensitive due to the lower level of hormones. That makes them drink more coffee but then residual elements like iron and calcium cannot be absorbed by their bodies and the condition of their nervous system is not improved. During that important period of change in the woman’s body receiving the necessary vitamins and residual elements should be a must. Green tea contains a lot of these active substances. Professor Takuo Okada from Okayama University conducted a survey which showed that the perfect combination of active components in green tea perfectly compliments active substances in vitamin E and is even better. Green tea reduces the formation of super oxides in the body and defers aging.

Naturally, green tea is not a panacea, a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases during the menopause but together with a nutritious diet it can help women feel confident and be in good health during those hard years. Daily drinking green tea in reasonable quantities helps women take less vitamin and mineral preparations and medicines which doctors often prescribe to them.

Green tea and diet

You do not need to sit on a diet if you eat natural foods. People who sit on a diet either want to lose weight or because of some disease. That means that the diet is never complete, almost always one-sided and concentrated on a definite purpose. The only reasonable diet would be fasting which ensures purification of body and soul.

You should know that green tea is perfectly combined with all nutritional habits. Even if you are on a diet, the rich content of vitamins and residual elements complements your diet and improves your health.

We live in times when the diseases of the civilisation like rheumatic pains, arthritis, allergies, caries, problems with gums, skin diseases, depressions, different metabolism disorders, cancer, various insufficiencies and a lot more, have been increasing. If we compare these ills with the possible healing effect of green tea, it is clear that this plant, known for thousand years, has been specially created by nature for our complicated and fast modern life. Without doubt, the effect of any natural remedy can be much better if you lead a healthy life and eat nutritious foods. If you start drinking green tea every day instead of coffee and black tea, that will help you improve your life and food habits. Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is the perfect drink for your body and soul.

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