The Healing Power of Sound and Colour

The Healing Power of Sound and Colour

The Healing Power of Sound and Colour

The magical properties of song and dance have been known to man since ancient times. Power of Sound

Folk dances, where people hold their hands and, in the rhythm of the music, move into a circle, are a great way of recharging with energy. Dances in a circle were practiced even in ancient Greece. The American therapist D. Avery has been using very successfully music as a main healing method: he asks every patient to sing a tune and records it on tape. The patient then listens to these recordings and gradually recovers his or her normal condition. In his book “The role of music and sounds in the art of healing” D. Avery describes the therapeutic effect of the sound of a tuning fork for the treatment of different diseases. Hitting two tuning forks lightly produces spiritual unison, music for the soul.

The polyphonic a cappella and choir songs are therapeutic, because they establish balance inside the body.

The sound of falling water (waterfalls, fountains), the rumble of the stream, the sound of breaking waves all have a cathartic effect for the soul and heart. Water washes away all problems – if you are sad and lonely, share your troubles with the water and you will feel much better.

Music can have powerful impact on the human organism, especially if combined with color therapy.

Every note is associated with a certain chakra, and it, in turn, corresponds to a certain color. You can feel the vibrations of a given sound and the tension of the muscles, if, while singing a note, you place your palm on the chakra that corresponds to the given note. Try this procedure at night, iin the bed. If you can’t feel the vibrations on the needed place, don’t give up, but try some more – in this way you are healing the specific chakra. Try to focus on the right spot, free your mind of all thoughts, dive into your inner realm.



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