The Healing Benefits of Clay – Part 3

The Healing Benefits of Clay – Part 3

The Healing Benefits of Clay – Part 3

The skin and clay

The skin is the biggest human organ; it takes one fifth of our body. Although it is an external organ, it is connected with all internal organs through receptors or points affecting the meridians. Thanks to biologically active points you can affect all the body through the skin. You can also prevent a number of diseases by massage and compresses with clay, plants and herbs. You can judge by the turgor and elasticity of the skin about the health of a person. The Healing Benefits of Clay

Senile debility is cured with paddy oats. If your skin is very dry and wrinkled, you should drink a decoction of paddy oats. Mix the softened oats with clay, prepare compresses and put them on the spine, the legs, the arms and everywhere where you feel pain. These procedures supply the body with potassium and have a general strengthening effect.

The decoction is prepared in the following way: pour five cups of cold water over one cup of paddy oats and boil on low fire until half of the water evaporates. Filter and drink. You can put milk in the decoction (1:1). Boil again and add four tea spoonfuls of honey. This is a perfect way to strengthen your body especially after operations and if you have kidney diseases.

To heat the clay use hot salt or sand. The sand contains silicon which is essential for the beauty of the skin as it affects the connective tissue. This element can be found in the body in very small quantities, mainly in the thymus, pituitary and the adrenal gland. In order to feed all the body with silicon, it is good for the compresses made of clay and sand to be put exactly in the places of these organs. If you have brittle nails, rotten teeth and exhausted hair, these compresses will be very useful for you.  Cucumbers are rich in silicon. It is recommended to have discharge days during the first and the fourth phase of the Moon. Peel the cucumbers, grate them and eat them once a day. Dry the peels,   make them into powder and use them in winter as a seasoning for cooked food.



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