The Healing Benefits of Clay – Part 2

The Healing Benefits of Clay – Part 2

The Healing Benefits of Clay – Part 2

Bitter plants and clay

Usually, the pancreas needs bitter liquids which are so unpleasant to drink that many people refuse the treatment because of this. However, you can take those liquids through your skin and they will get to the pancreas. Plants like juniper (Juniperus), hemlock (Conium maculatum), wallflower (Erysimum) and dandelion roots (Taraxacum) are suitable for this purpose. You can use them fresh and well crushed or dry; if they are dry, you should first pour hot water over the herbs. Put the herb you chose on the tender spot and cover it with a plaster prepared with clay and salt. You should know that you can heat the clay only with hot sand or salt. The compress may not be hot, that depends of the condition of the sick person and the specific case.  Healing Benefits of Clay

Once more, clay can be combined not only with water, urine, yoghurt and whey but with herb decoctions and infusions. Clay is really miraculous because it not only takes useless and harmful substances out of the body but also feeds and supplies it with useful microelements.

Clay is a cure for the spine

Living tissue must perform its functions but as we eat dead boiled food, at least we can feed our body with live food in the form of applications, clay compresses and decoctions made of different plants. Clay can very well affect the spine. Some people cannot afford to have fresh fruit and vegetables every day as Paul Bragg and Dr Norman Walker advise us. However, we can use the vegetable peels to feed our body through the skin, not to throw them away. Many people are afraid of the nitrates in the vegetable peels. They do not know that our skin does not let through harmful elements and parasites. Therefore, you can add vegetable peels to clay compresses; you should only be careful not to add rotten peels.

In many countries people drink decoctions made from peels. These decoctions are a perfect means to cleanse the body.



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