The Healing Benefits of Clay – Part 1

The Healing Benefits of Clay – Part 1

The Healing Benefits of Clay – Part 1

Clay contains almost all microelements of which the human body consists. Its electrolyte composition makes it a good conductor of energy; therefore, with its help the body can cleanse of all filth and bacteria and receive a number of useful microelements.  Benefits of Clay

Clay is a perfect free cure which can be used for different purposes. According to the Bulgarian healer Ivan Yotov, clay is a gift of God. The healer can cure any disease with it with the exception of cancer of the fourth degree when the cell membrane is destroyed and the clay cannot cleanse the cell from the filth. From ancient times clay has been used as a cure, mostly for external use, though the skin. You have seen pigs roll in the mud and then they remove the dry mud by rubbing themselves on the trees. A lot of vets use clay for medicinal purposes. For example, John W. Armstrong in his book The Water of Life described how he cured the broken leg of a pedigree stallion with clay and urine. The leg not only healed successfully but its hair was recovered and no traces remained after the trauma.

 A woman broke her leg and her husband applied clay compresses which he moistened with urine. After the accident the woman lived for twenty more years and never complained of any pain in her leg.

Many healers claim that clay loses its medicinal effect if it is kept in a bucket or a saucepan.

In colour clay can be red, yellow, blue or white. The colour depends on the sedimentary rocks. Its composition is also different in different localities. Doctors recommend white clay, known as kaolin, to be taken internally for gastrointestinal diseases. White clay is also used to heal sore places, burns and wounds.  Avicenna healed chronic diarrhoea and pains in the bladder with clay because it dries and does not burn the tender spot. Kaolin is also used in some preparations for eyes



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