Uses of Garlic and its Healing Effects

Uses of Garlic and its Healing Effects

Uses of Garlic and its Healing Effects

Artery sclerosis

A lot of troubles with health, which appear in older age, are due to the increasing sclerosis of arteries and the worse blood supply connected with that. Dizziness, pains in the chest or in the legs if there is physical loading, forgetfulness, disturbance in concentration, constantly cold limbs, panting, sudden attacks of headache or disturbances in eyesight are signs that the blood supply of the respective organs has deteriorated. The constriction of arteries which supply the heart or the brain is particularly dangerous as it can lead to a heart or a brain attack. If your diet is well balanced, if you walk a lot and take the suitable portion of garlic, you will be protected from atherosclerosis. So every day eat one or two fresh garlic cloves with sour fruits, raw or warm together with food. If you have some complaints, take a handful of cloves and eat it all the day. Uses of Garlic

Cardiovascular diseases

Garlic regulates cholesterol.  New clinical tests have proved that it can considerably reduce harmful blood fats. This is extremely important because their high content can damage the blood vessels and also prevent free blood flow. It increases the risk of a coronary disease of the heart (heart spasms, heart failure and heart attack). Even if the values of blood fats have not become too high, you should regularly eat garlic to be protected. Garlic is a perfect cleanser of blood vessels. Its components not only regulate blood fats and blood pressure but prevent clumping of thrombocites. They enhance the blood flow. This property of garlic is very important as blood can reach the smallest blood vessels in the circulatory system only when it is not too thick. Garlic helps the body get rid of clots which easily embed themselves in a sclerotically changed stenosis (an abnormal narrowing of a passage in the body). They can fully block a blood vessel and cause serious damages. According to scientists, the two substances which prevent the formation of clots are adenosine and ayoen. Fresh garlic contains sufficient quantities of both. At the same time garlic protects the heart as it widens arterial and venous blood vessels. This is one of the prophylactic effects which garlic has on the cardiovascular system. Owing to garlic the heart can perform its basic function to supply blood to the body with enough oxygen in it.  In this way garlic maintains normal blood pressure and lowers higher blood pressure. Scientists from different countries have discovered that garlic balances blood pressure. That means that not only people with high blood pressure can profit out of it but also people with low blood pressure.

Immune system

Garlic helps to strengthen the immune system. It can fight colds and rheum without medicines. However, it is still undiscovered what plant substances influence the immune cells of the body and help fight harmful substances, bacteria and viruses. Experts are of different opinions on the issue.

Fighting cancer

There is a hope that garlic can help cancer patients, too. It can diminish the risk of cancer. Researchers from the USA have discovered that for people who eat garlic regularly, the risk of stomach and intestine cancer is smaller. This is valid for breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, cancer of the prostate and the skin. Research results have shown that tumour cells react better to radiotherapy if the patient is given an injection with garlic extract.

Some of the garlic components can successfully fight free radicals. These residual cellular poisons can become extremely dangerous for living organisms. In biology, an organism is any contiguous living system, such as an animal, plant, fungus, a single-celled micro organism or bacterium. They attack the cells, penetrate in them and damage carriers of hereditary substance set there. The cells perish or turn into cancer cells and damage the entire organism. Scientists claim that free radicals are the reason for a lot of diseases such as diabetes, early loss of eyesight, cancer and autoimmune diseases. According to the latest research they are the reason why the walls of blood vessels harden and lose their elasticity. The antioxidants which the body mobilises to fight free radicals are vitamins С, Е and А, calcium, selenium and zinc. Recently researchers have discovered that the active substances of garlic protect enzymes so that they can stop free radicals at the very beginning of their destructive action. In some cases some doctors recommend to take garlic with a little skimmed cottage cheese or yoghurt. The sour bacteria in yoghurt, sauerkraut and sour vegetables also stimulate the immune system and fight cancer.

The attention of researchers has been attracted to selenium which is a residual element. They have found in garlic the highest concentration of selenium which has been discovered in foodstuffs. According to the latest research, selenium maintains the elasticity of tissues and prevents arteries from clogging; it does not let blood pressure become too high and helps the muscles, especially the heart muscle, with the supply of sufficient quantity of oxygen. Selenium also helps throw harmful substances such as mercury, cadmium and silver out of the body. These poisons create difficulties as the body must process and throw them out together with the waste from metabolism.

The high content of selenium in garlic obviously protects the body during radiotherapy. In the Austrian Atomic Research Centre the researchers exposed cell cultures to radiation a year after the catastrophe in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. They saturated them with garlic juice. The result was stunning: the cells survived radiation. The cells which were not saturated with garlic juice perished. Uses of Garlic

Treatment of infectious diseases

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. In traditional medicine this has been known for centuries, and modern science has proved it by experiments. Today we know that garlic is a perfect natural alternative to antibiotics because it stops only disease bacteria and spares useful bacteria; it also stimulates the formation of white blood cells or leucocytes, which are the cells of the immune system that are involved in protecting the body against both infectious diseases and foreign invaders. If there are not enough white blood cells, the person will have cancer of the blood or leukemia. The effect of garlic against bacterial infections is really amazing as it cannot be achieved by any of the modern medicines, the antibiotics. However, if antibiotics are taken very carefully at the proper time, they can save life but they weaken the resistant forces of the body for a long time afterwards.

Antibiotic effect of garlic

  • Fresh garlic kills bacteria in the intestinal tract.
  • Crushed garlic mixed with water is used to wash the vagina and destroy infectious organisms.
  • Sulphur components of garlic which are released and inhaled in chewing destroy the bacteria and viruses in the airways.
  • Nasal drops with garlic kill the viruses of cold and flu immediately.
  • Garlic prevents the growth of skin fungus.

At the moment experts try to find out how garlic affects the bacteria called Helicobacter pylori, which were discovered a few years ago. They are harmless, but they are responsible for the majority of ulcers in the stomach and small intestine; sometimes they can cause pain, bloating, and burping. They usually stick to the mucous membrane of the stomach and can cause cancer of the stomach. Scientists from Seattle claim that two cloves of garlic per day are enough to suppress the effect of the harmful bacteria. It is very good news for all people and especially for those who are exposed to a higher risk of stomach cancer and are already resistant to antibiotics which can kill the bacteria.

Viruses do not like garlic

Even the latest antibiotics are helpless against viruses and they cannot fight acute illnesses. Almost always viruses are the reason for infections of the airways such as rheum, sore throat, and bronchitis. Garlic components kill bacteria, viruses, fungus, larvae or unicellular organisms (protozoa). Therefore a lot of diseases from the banal rheum to gastrointestinal disorders, the infection of the urinary tract and virus encephalitis (brain infection), herpes and cholera and typhoid epidemics react very well to treatment with garlic

Chinese experts claim that garlic is effective against influenza virus as well. Influenza virus does not mean a harmless cold with high temperature, cough, rheum and sometimes gastrointestinal disorders. The real influenza virus is an epidemic which spreads very quickly. It can cause heavy damages especially to people with a weakened immune system.

Garlic in the kitchen

After all said about garlic up till now, you would probably like to use it more often as a seasoning or a component of the dishes you prepare. With a little more imagination you will soon learn to prepare tasty salads, sauces and dishes with this useful plant. You can mix garlic with other spices and prepare aromatic marinades or sauces suitable for a lot of meat and fish dishes. Garlic is an excellent addition to fine spices as well as to exotic vegetables and to plain home food.

Here is a very simple recipe for delicious garlic bread.

Smash eight garlic cloves very well and mix them with 100 g of soft butter. Season the mixture with salt and pepper. Take French bread and make cuts in it. Fill the cuts with the garlic butter. Wrap the bread in foil and bake it for ten minutes in a warm oven. You can have it as an appetizer or with salad and some dish.

Garlic butter is delicious as a spread for sandwiches but first you should add some fresh parsley or dill to it.

If you mix sugar, vinegar, oil, parsley, salt, pepper and garlic, you can prepare a very tasty marinade for all kinds of salads

If you know about wild garlic, you can also include it in your menu. They say that wild garlic is better than cultivated garlic. Cultivated garlic has lost some of its active components. The concentration of iron, essential oils and adenosine is higher in wild garlic.

Wild garlic is much stronger as an antidote than cultivated garlic. It is a classical remedy to fight spring fatigue.

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