The Healing Properties of Garlic – Part 1

The Healing Properties of Garlic – Part 1

The Healing Properties of Garlic – Part 1

In the past garlic was famous as the plant with magic forces, probably because of its obtrusive smell and pungent piquant bulb. Today many people do not like it but no matter if we like it or not, its medicinal effect is undeniable. The Healing Properties of Garlic – Part 1

Garlic cleanses the intestines, lowers blood pressure and decomposes poisonous substances in organs and tissues. It dissolves mucus in the bronchi, stimulates the function of the liver and the gall, prevents atherosclerosis and stops the growth of malignant tumours. The list of scientifically proved medicinal effects of garlic is getting longer with every day.

Garlic has been long known for its properties to cure all diseases, from simple cold to the most serious diseases. Owing to numerous scientific researches today we know that this widespread plant is really a wonderful cure and its medicinal effect is unique.

Doctors and scientists from all over the world have been studying this aromatic plant. No other plant can kill bacteria, fungus and viruses. Gradually scientists have discovered most complex components of garlic which explain its extraordinary healing force.

The discovery that garlic regulates the cholesterol and triglycerides levels is extremely important because it means that eating garlic may diminish the risk of atherosclerosis and in this way reduce possible heart and brain attacks

Apart from components, which slow down the process of aging, experts have found other very effective substances curing pains in the joints and muscles, gases, impure skin, fungus on the feet, colds and a lot of infectious diseases. Garlic can be effective in the struggle with cancer and AIDS, the scourge of present times; it strengthens the immune system.

However, garlic is not a universal remedy although it possesses excellent properties. If you want to get rid of your ills, you should go to the doctor. If you are healthy, you can eat as much garlic as you like and that will help your good health and cure a lot of everyday ailments. You should know how to use it in the best way; the effect depends on the form in which you take the strong natural cure: boiled or baked, as a pill or powder, with vinegar or wine, with honey or just freshly peeled.

The history of garlic

Numerous old written records, papyri and archaeological findings prove that a long time before Christ ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Japanese, Greeks and Romans appreciated garlic highly not only as food and seasoning but as a cure as well.

Ancient Greeks and Romans used garlic as a cure for more than a hundred ills. The Greek doctor Hippocrates gave garlic for intestinal diseases, water accumulation in the body, leprosy, epilepsy, and pain in the chest. The father of pharmacy, Dioscourides, recommended garlic against sleeping sickness, bloodshot eyes, sore feet, cough, spitting blood, hydropsy or oedema (an abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin and in the cavities of the body, which can cause severe pain), intestinal worms and bite of poisonous snakes.

Gaius Plinius Secundus (AD 23 – August 25, AD 79), better known as Pliny the Elder, was a Roman author, naturalist and natural philosopher as well as naval and army commander of the early Roman empire and personal friend of the emperor Vespasian. He registered different ailments which can be cured by garlic such as asthma, jaundice, and inflammation of lymph nodes, insanity, and the inflammation of diaphragm, catarrhs, headache, spasms, hernia, and freckles.

Galen of Pergamon was a prominent Greek physician, surgeon and philosopher in the Roman Empire. He was the most accomplished of all medical researchers of antiquity and influenced the development of various scientific disciplines, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and neurology, and logic. He also recommended garlic against many diseases. His is the recipe to mix crushed garlic with flour and put it on purulent wounds. Galen claimed that this mixture helps against bites by carnivorous animals, poisonous snakes and mad dogs.

Garlic against plague and enemies

Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 17 September 1179), also known as Saint Hildegard, was a German Benedictine abbess, writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, visionary and polymath (a person of wide knowledge or learning). She is considered to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany. She recommended garlic against jaundice.

The Jewish sacred writings Talmud praise the sating bulbous plant which warms the body, gives radiance to the face, increases the quantity of semen and kills worms in the body. According to Talmud, another valuable property of garlic is that it makes people feel well, stimulates love and drives enemies away.

In the end of 18th century the French used garlic as an effective remedy against the plague.

When the English king Henry V was born, his chrism was wine and garlic. There was a custom in England to smear newly-born babies’ lips with garlic; it had both an antiseptic and stimulating effect. .

During the two world wars garlic was used on the battle field to cure purulent wounds, infections, poisoning and dysentery.

Dr Albert Schweitzer (14 January 1875 – 4 September 1965) was a French-German theologian, organist, philosopher, and physician. He received the 1952 Nobel Peace Price. Dr Schweitzer founded and sustained a hospital in Gabon, West Central Africa, where he was a missionary. He treated the Africans ill of cholera, typhus and amoebic dysentery with garlic.

In Russia garlic is one of the most popular home remedies, and people call it “the Russian penicillin”. In the Balkan countries garlic is still considered to be the symbol of fertility. The Bulgarians, who have a lot of centenarians, use garlic and yoghurt as an elixir (it is delicious with fried or baked courgettes/zucchini!).

Natural alternative

If we believe in traditional medicine, garlic can cure not only everyday ailments but the most serious diseases. It is really a miraculous remedy. Science has already got evidence that this ordinary bulb is one of the best natural alternatives of artificial medicines. A lot of what people before could guess, today is proved with modern analytic methods and in numerous clinical tests on animals and people.

Proved effect of garlic:


  • lowers the levels of cholesterol;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • prevents clumping of platelets/thrombocytes which are a component of blood whose function (along with the coagulation factors) is to stop bleeding by clumping and clotting blood vessel injuries;
  • delays premature clotting of blood;
  • protects arteries from sclerosis;
  • releases arteries from deposits;
  • regulates blood pressure;
  • lowers blood sugar level;
  • fights bacteria, fungus, viruses and other micro organisms;
  • protects body cells against free radicals;
  • strengthens the immune system of the body;
  • stimulates mucous membranes and endocrine glands;
  • activates the whole metabolism;
  • stimulates the function of the liver and the gall;
  • stops fermentation processes in the intestines;
  • blocks the growth of tumours;
  • helps the body adopt vitamins from B-group;
  • reduces depressive moods, headache and fatigue;
  • increases vitality.


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