Garlic Health Benefits and its Applications

Garlic Health Benefits and its Applications

Garlic Health Benefits and its Applications

As the unique concentration of active substances and their variety have not been fully discovered by science yet, nobody can tell you what the best form to take garlic is. Maybe you should combine all possible ways. Garlic Health Benefits

If you boil or bake garlic, you destroy a big part of allicin. It is true that boiled garlic does not smell so much like raw garlic but an important element of its healing effect is lost. Many experts are of this opinion but others claim that allicin is formed in the body again during the process of digestion.

Some American scientists specifically recommend heated garlic as a food supplement as it protects from heart and brain attacks. Their results show that some natural chemical substances are released when garlic is heated. One of these substances is ayoen which prevents clumping of thrombocites.  Sour food, like tomatoes, and vinegar help the process of transformation.

However, if you fry garlic, it loses a lot of its components which are essential to your health. So it is better if you just stew it a little. If you boil or bake garlic, a big part of allicin is destroyed but the release of other components is quickened.

Eating garlic regularly will improve your health. It makes no difference if you eat it raw, boiled or in salads and sauces.

Here are some basic recipes which you can use if you have some health problems.

Garlic vinegar

You should use pure wine or fruit vinegar, not a chemical coloured essence. Pure wine vinegar and fruit vinegar contain a lot of vitamins and mineral substances.  Take one garlic clove for one tea cup of vinegar. Cut the cloves and put them in a dark bottle, then pour over vinegar. Close the bottle tightly and leave it for two or three weeks, after that filter. Leave the dark bottle(s) in a cool place. You can use this garlic vinegar to clean your skin. It helps if you have pains in the joints and muscles. You can make compresses with it if you have problems with your throat or if you want to remove corns, warts and bumps. For internal use garlic vinegar is good for colds, problems with the stomach and intestines, and bladder weakness. It can also stimulate metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

Garlic honey

Honey and garlic complement each other in a perfect way. Honey also possesses excellent healing properties. It contains a lot of valuable components, vitamins and minerals in addition to fruit and grape sugar. One tea cup pf honey is enough for one litre of garlic tincture (tincture is a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol). The mixture should be left for a few hours. You can use it when you have a cold, when you are tired or feel weak. Then take one tea spoonful of the mixture every hour.

Garlic oil

If you want to make garlic oil, use vegetable oils which supply the body with important fat-soluble vitamins and vitally important fatty components.

It is best to take cold pressed oil which contains highly unsaturated fatty acids and has a positive effect on blood circulation, the skin, the immune system and many processes of metabolism. Peel and cut in length one medium garlic clove and pour over a litre of oil. Close the bottle well and leave it for a few days. Before or during meals take some garlic oil if you have intestinal worms, pains in the lower part of the abdomen, and inflammation of the mucus membranes of the stomach and of the intestines.  If you have pains in the muscles and joints, colds, a cough, pains in the ears or an insect bit you, rub the tender spots with the oil. Keep the bottle in a cold and dark place for not more than two weeks

Garlic juice

Squeeze the peeled garlic cloves with a juicer. Keep the juice in the fridge for not more than two or three days. Drink it in small quantities and mix it with water. You can also add the juice to the water in your tub; you can make a compress or enema with that juice, too. Use it if you have cold, digestive disorders, an infection of the stomach and the intestines, and muscle and joint pains.

Garlic ointment

Mix a well crushed garlic clove with 100 g of Vaseline, heat it until it boils, cool it and filter in a glass container. Close it tightly and keep in a cool place. You should use it for not more than six months. You can use it if you sprain a limb or if you have muscle and joint problems.

 Garlic syrup

Syrup is a pleasant remedy even for children as sugar cover hotness. Boil half a litre with 250 g of brown sugar, take it from the fire and mix with garlic tincture (one part of tincture to three parts of syrup). Keep it in the fridge. It is perfect for gargle when you have a cold.

Garlic tea

Crush one garlic clove; put it in a glass or in a porcelain/china cup and pour over hot water. Leave it for 15 minutes, and then filter it. If you want your tea stronger, crush a head of garlic and boil in with a cupful of water. Drink one tea cup of garlic tea per day in small sips. This tea is very good against colds, bronchitis and asthma attacks. If you have pains and inflammations, make compresses with it or pour some of it in the tub.

Garlic tincture

Alcohol has the property to extract a lot of important substances from a plant and conserve them in a natural way as well.

Peel a handful of fresh garlic cloves, cut them and pour over some pure alcohol for example, juniper rakia (rakia is the collective term for fruit brandy popular in the Balkans). Close the bottle tightly and leave it for two weeks in a warm place. Shake it from time to time. After that filter the liquid and put it in dark bottles. Three times a day take from five to fifteen drops diluted in a tea spoonful of cold water or in a cup of hot water before meals.  Garlic tincture has a disinfecting and blood cleansing effect; it improves the appetite, prevents inflammations and spasms, regulates blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation and prevents general sclerosis of vessels. It is also suitable for massage, compresses and gargles.

You can prepare a garlic tonic with wine or water. Put a handful of fresh garlic cloves in an earthenware pot and pour over white or red wine. Close the pot tightly and leave it in a cool place for two weeks. Drink one glass in small sips per day. If you have problems with your heart or the blood circulation, drink the garlic tonic prepared with the red wine. If the tonic is prepared with white wine, it is good for problems with digestion, kidney and bladder weakness, and problems with liver and biliary routes; it is also good for your nerves, and for improving the lymph flow. Garlic water is used for gargle if you have a sore throat and for cleaning wounds; you can add it the water in your tub, too.


There is no rule how often or now long to take garlic. Naturally, all depends on your individual situation, age and general condition of your body. Unfortunately, the quality of fresh garlic cloves is not always the same. It depends on the sort and the places where garlic is grown. It is also important how you keep it. Old heads of garlic have less active components. The garlic is old if new green shoots have grown.

Doctors’ recommendations vary, too. British doctors recommend their patients to eat from ten to twenty grams of fresh garlic per day so that their blood pressure stays apparently lower. That means three to five medium garlic cloves. German doctors recommend four grams per day which is one medium clove.

If you want to get rid of needless and harmful substances and cleanse your intestines as well as avoid infections, you should take garlic regularly for four to six weeks. When you cure blood vessels and blood circulation, the treatment should last for at least four months. As prophylaxis, eat one or two garlic cloves per day.

Side effects

Here you should stick to the rule that too big quantities can prove harmful for your health. The components in the garlic are in such a concentrated form that they have an effect even if they are in very small quantities. Even when they are diluted, they increase the blood supply of all mucous membranes and stimulate digestion. The increased blood supply helps the cleansing function of the liver and pushes the production of bile. Thus harmful substances from metabolism leave the body without damaging it. However, if you eat big quantities of garlic for a longer period of time, the effect of the active components can be stronger and unwanted reactions such as nausea, burp, stomach-ache, gases or indigestion can occur. Some people get irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, the throat, the stomach and the intestines and have some allergic reactions. Sometimes garlic can cause itching and local skin inflammation if applied externally.

If you do not digest raw garlic well,

  • cut the garlic clove in two longwise and remove the green shoot. Then you can digest garlic easier;
  • eat garlic with milk, carrot juice of honey;
  • slightly steam whole cloves;
  • put the garlic in wine or vinegar;
  • eat garlic with wheat and oat products;
  • try to accustom your body to strong plant food; make one or two-day breaks;
  • use garlic only for medicinal purposes (fever, for example).


Garlic will make you feel young and vital

Garlic gives new energy to the body; it makes each cell and organ more vital. It increases the resilience of the body, helps fight the general sclerosis of blood vessels and represents the best biological protection from early physical and mental aging. Working capacity and the general condition of the body is improved due to the enhanced circulation of blood of all body organs and tissues. The stimulating effect of garlic will not let you feel tired, melancholic and depressed. Your skin will be fresh and elastic as the increased blood supply improves the access of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells and they age much slower.

A research of the World Health Organisation shows that in the regions where people have eaten garlic all their lives, atherosclerosis is almost unknown. Probably the use of vegetable oils has its effect, too.

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