The Healing Properties of Iodine

The Healing Properties of Iodine

The Healing Properties of Iodine

In summer, in the heats, together with sweat we discharge large quantities of iodine as well, and this irrevocably affects our health – the bodies lose their strength, we can easily catch a cold, the blood pressure rises, and sometimes heart pains appear… These ailments are all due to the lack of iodine. The Healing Properties of Iodine

In traditional medicine iodine is very popular: it is used for wounds, bruises, for disinfection of scratches.

There are people who are very sensitive to iodine: higher doses will cause their teeth to get yellow, their eyes to water, they will get respiratory issues and skin irritation – this condition is called “iodism”. Homeopaths can successfully treat it, but they take into account the constitution of the person’s body, the neuro-psychological type, and heredity. You can easily check if you have iodine intolerance: apply some iodine to a limited area on your skin – if, on the next day,the skin there has started peeling, this means you have higher sensitivity to this element.

Homeopaths use compounds of iodine with sodium, potassium, calcium, barium, gold, arsenic, sulfur, seaweed for the treatment of goiter and other conditions.

In the human body, all tissues, including the thyroid gland, contain iodine. The deficiency of iodine leads to a very unpleasant disease, called “goiter”.

The thyroid gland is connected with the activity of the central nervous system as well as with the production of blood, and disruptions in its function lead to disorders in the overall organism.



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