Old Slavic Home Remedies By Pavel Kurenkov – Part 3

Old Slavic Home Remedies By Pavel Kurenkov – Part 3

Old Slavic Home Remedies By Pavel Kurenkov – Part 3

For people their health is the most precious thing in life; however, to a great extent, health depends on their way of life and their relations to the environment. Many people look for new “prestigious” chemical medicines and forget about the old traditional medicine which has been curing people from disability and trauma for thousands of years. The remarkable Russian doctor Pavel Matveevich Kurenkov (read U like in PUT; stress on the last O) offers the reader these old recipes in his Healer’s Book. Each of them contains centuries-old healing experience of the Slav peoples.

The most efficient and accessible cures for anybody in trouble have been selected in this article. It is useful for doctors as well as for patients.


Neurovegetative dystonia

Home herbs

How to overcome the flu

How to overcome dry cough

Chronic bronchitis

The healing May mugwort

Rose hip


Spots on the face


The thyroid gland

Help for your liver

Diseases of the gallbladder


Sexual frustration

Healing properties of the dill

Rheumatism and osteochondrosis



Sinusitis can develop after a most common cold. It causes suffocation, strong headache and inflammation of the nasal cavities. It is particularly dangerous if sinusitis develops into a purulent one and is combined with high temperature.

You should stay at home for a few days and cure your sinusitis in the following way offered: two times a day put bags with hot sand or hard boiled hot eggs on both sides of your nose. Several times a day sniff warm salty water and spit it. Instead of water you can sniff chamomile or plantain (Plantago maior) infusion. During the treatment drink a lot of hot liquids: linden tea, raspberry tea or black currant tea. On the second day boil unpeeled potatoes, pour out the water, cover your head with a towel and inhale hot steam as long as possible.

Neurovegetative dystonia

This disease develops gradually, and when you understand about it, it is difficult to cure but not impossible. The symptoms are lower blood pressure, fatigue, pains in the cardiac area, headache, and dizziness, lack of appetite and loss of weight. Habitual vitality falls; there are sleep disturbances, irritability, dissatisfaction with oneself and the others, and with your work results.

If the diagnosis “neurovegetative dystonia” is right, you should start the treatment immediately so that gradually you can restore your body to normal again.

First: stay outdoors and walk as much as possible.

Second: every day make and drink rose hip and St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) infusions as well as other herb infusions. Do not forget tea from strawberry, black currant or mint leaves and rose petals. These drinks improve blood composition, cleanse blood vessels and give vitamins to your body; they restore your appetite. During that period it is essential to have a lot of fruit and vegetables in your diet. Every day on empty stomach take a tea spoonful of honey and a few walnuts.

Third: you should prepare medicinal infusions to help you get rid of cardiac pain and headache; they will restore your normal sleep and your blood pressure. Take a tea spoonful each of hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), motherwort (Leonorus cardiaca) and valerian roots. If you do not have valerian roots, you can replace them with mint leaves and put them into one cup of boiling water. Leave the infusion brew well and filter it. At the beginning drink it three times a day: a few tea spoonfuls: in the morning and at noon and the rest before going to bed. When you feel a relief, when your body starts filling with force and health, drink a little longer from this drink, half a cup only in the evening. Then make a break for two or three weeks and repeat the procedure for prophylaxis.

Neurovegetative dystonia is a signal for the sickness of your body. So be careful. Control your self confidence, do not let your body be weak, try to cure your heart pain and headache. Forget about tobacco and alcohol. Regularly go for long walks. 

Do you have herbs at home?

Herbs, roots and fruits are the basis of all recipes in the Healer’s Book, and many people often ask questions which of them they should have at home and how to gather them.

Here are some short answers to these questions.

July and August are the best months to prepare the components of a home “green” pharmacy. Go to the forest or to the fields on a warm, sunny and dry day to gather herbs. Do not mix the herbs, put them in different bags. Then put all herbs on clean boards or cloth. Do not use newspapers as the printing ink may damage the herbs. Dry them in a shade. If you have an attic, it is very good to dry them there. It is good if the place is well ventilated.

Some people ask if they can dry the herbs in the oven. Yes, they can but very carefully not to dry them too much.

After herbs are dry, put them in separate bags made of several layers of gauze or cloth. Put labels on each bag with the name of the herb and the date when it was gathered.  Hang the bags in a dry and cool place.

So, you already have a home green pharmacy. We remind you what herbs you should have and what diseases they cure.

St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) relieves pain in the stomach and the intestines and is a sedative.

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) or dog nettle cures a lot of internal diseases and is good for the kidneys.

Chamomile cures inflammation processes, relieves pain and is used for gargle. .

Motherwort (Leonorus cardiaca) is a sedative.

Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) is a diuretic; it is added to infusions which cure kidney diseases.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is very useful as an addition to decoctions to cure the stomach, the liver and the kidneys. Add two or three dry blossoms. Nettle reduces hemorrhages and improves blood composition.

Birchen buds cure inflammation of the stomach mucosa and stomach ulcers.

Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) regulates blood pressure and the heartbeat.

Valerian roots are a sedative, they improve heartbeat and relieve headache.

Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) or viburnum: in traditional medicine the viburnum fruit is used as a diuretic and a diaphoretic. It stops bleeding, it is a mild laxative, it improves appetite and increases the acidity of gastric juice. If you use the viburnum fruit decoctions and infusions, they will have a positive effect on the blood vessels; they cure atherosclerosis, hypertension and kidney diseases.

Rose hip – Everybody knows the red shiny fruit of rose hip. However, not all people know how rich they are in various vitamins, carotene, glucose, fructose, pectin substances, lemon and apple acids and essential oils. Rose hip is richer in vitamin variety and content than many plants. Rose hip infusions and decoctions mixed with other herbs and rose hip tea help renew the vitamin supply of your body, they prevent and cure a lot of diseases.

Unfortunately, now some properties of the rose hip are forgotten. Rose hip roots are used for baths to cure paralysis; they help with dysentery, kidney and gallbladder diseases, and with hypertension. A decoction of rose hip branches and leaves relieve pains of radiculitis and abdominal cramps.

Black currant is another fruit extremely rich in vitamins and other useful microelements. It is good to have black currant for winter. Pass it through a colander and mix with sugar. Prepare black currant juice or just have dry black currant. You will fill the vitamin supply of your body and have a cure for strong colds and for all internal diseases. It is very good if you add    black currant young leaves to different herb decoctions; they improve the taste and increase the medicinal effect of these drinks.

Walnut leaves, pine needles and sawdust are used for medicinal baths. You can also prepare herb tea from them. It is tasty, very good for the body and contains useful substances and vitamins. If you drink such tea, you will prevent a lot of diseases and you will get rid of colds, inflammations, and neurosis, and you will sleep much better.

Herbs for tea should be kept separately. There are numerous ways to prepare tea. All depends on your taste and on your diseases.

What should you have at home so that the healing fragrance of the field, the forest and the garden are always present?

You should have dry leaves and shoots of black currant, morello cherry, forest strawberry, raspberry, bird berry, and bilberry, linden blossom, rose petals, rose hip and viburnum or rowan. Do not forget to pass though a colander the hippophae or seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides), the black currant, the raspberries and the bilberries.

When the fall begins, colds begin, too. People, who did not use summer to strengthen their bodies and did not take care of vitamins, are especially prone to colds; so are people who continue to wear summer clothes despite the sharp drop in temperatures. Fall requires light clothing and warm shoes so that your feet are always dry in bad weather. The most unpleasant colds come when your feet are wet and cold.

Here are some tips from The Healer’s Book about cases when you cannot keep from the cold or, as they use to call it, the flu.

How to overcome the flu

If you feel the first symptoms of strong cold, immediately do the following: cleanse your stomach and intestines with a laxative or enema. Do not eat anything and drink a lot of liquids. That can be linden tea, raspberry tea with honey, simply hot water with honey or black currant and raspberry juices. Put on woolen socks in which you put mustard. For the night wrap your chest and back with a woolen scarf impregnated with a mixture of vinegar, oil and camphor. If your neck is stiff and you have difficulty breathing, make a compress of freshly mashed horseradish and put it on your neck. Stay in bed for a few days and try to eat as little as possible and drink only liquids. The illness will pass immediately without any complications which often accompany colds.

How to overcome dry cough

Mix two table spoonfuls of pepper roots and two glasses of white wine and put the mixture to boil. Filter. Drink the mixture hot three times a day. Together with the drink eat an onion and a table spoonful of goose or pork fat.


Chronic bronchitis

This prolonged and unpleasant illness is cured with internal pork fat. Put the fat in a pot and place it in a warm oven, not a hot one. You can put it on very low fire, too. After the fat is melted, pour it into another pot. Leave it in a cool place. Put a tea spoonful of this melted fat into one cup of very hot milk and drink it. If your cough is very serious and you have wheezing, mix the fat with turpentine and rub it into your chest and back before going to bed. Put on something woolen.

The healing May mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

If you did not gather and dry mugwort in May yourself, you can buy it from a pharmacy but you must ask for mugwort gathered in May. Make an alcohol based infusion of half a liter of vodka and 15–20 grams of wormwood. Leave it for 24 hours. When you have a cold, take two table spoonfuls of the infusion 15 minutes before meals, and also before going to bed.

Rose hip – the storehouse of health

For centuries this fruit has been a symbol of health and longevity. It protects people from a lot of diseases, it helps get rid of them. The ancient healers who knew the medicinal properties of herbs, their fruits and leaves and tree bark, placed rose hip in the first place as a cure for anemia and scurvy, for improving metabolism and curing liver and kidney diseases and colds. They recommended making a rose hip decoction every day.

Take two full tea spoonfuls of dry rose hips for a cup of water. Drink it for one day, three times after meals.

Simple and safe about tonsillitis

Everybody knows how unpleasant tonsillitis is. You feel unhappy especially if you have high temperature, abscesses, and swelling of the throat. There have been a simple and safe means to cure soar throat for ages.

Here it is: prepare a three-percent lemon acid and gargle with it every other hour throughout the day. If you begin this procedure at the very beginning of the illness, in the evening you will feel quite healthy. If you do not take measures to cure it in this way, you will need two days.

Spots on the face

A lot of ladies are unhappy because of spots. Yet, you can get rid of them in a very easy way.

There are three ways

First, mix three table spoonfuls of fresh milk with a table spoonful of wine alcohol, stir well and rub the liquid into your skin before going to bed. Do it for several days.

Second, mix a table spoonful of hydrogen peroxide with two drops of Sal ammoniac alcohol very well. Then quickly and evenly spread it on your face. When your skin begins to sting, wash with water.

Third, rub fresh olive oil or well refined sunflower oil into your face before going to bed.


Here some strange but very effective recipes can be recommended.

In fall and spring, when there is a sharp change of the weather, your windows may “sweat”. Gather the liquid and put it on the places affected by psoriasis. Do not bandage, wait until the liquid dries and wet your skin again.

One more thing: if you live in the country, you can always find horses there. Ask the groom to make some horse run for some time in a circle or on the road until some foam appears on its flanks. Put the foam on the affected skin and wait until it dries, and then repeat the procedure as many times as possible. The patches will disappear quickly. Hundreds of people have used this recipe and have cured their psoriasis completely.

The thyroid gland

The symptoms are irritability, weakness, loss of appetite, loss of weight, and later a noticeable increase of the gland. Wait for the summer and go to the seaside. Walk by the sea, sleep near the water if it is possible, and breathe in the sea air saturated with iodine. And one more very important thing: every day eat fresh fish which was caught the same day. It can be boiled, fried or stewed.

In China they get rid of the so-called goiter with sea kale (Crambe maritime). You will forget that you had a problem with your thyroid gland after two or three months of treatment with sea kale. 


Corn shrunk will help you with your liver

If you have some unpleasant sensation under your ribs on your right side, nausea, and pains that means that your liver is signaling that you have “tortured” it too long with food and drink. You need a diet first of all. Stop all oily, spicy and fried food and do not eat fresh bread. If you lose weight, do not be upset. It will be good for you. Forget about alcohol and especially tobacco. Drink corn shrunk tea. Take ripe corn, remove the corn shrunk and dry it, and put some in a teapot or a cup full of boiling water.  Drink half a cup 2–4 times a day. You should drink this tea for several months.

Diseases of the gallbladder

Those can be a result of colds, wrong diet, inflammation of the kidneys or sand and stones in them. Some people have very strong stabbing pains and spontaneous leakage of urine.

Here is a tip: drink one cup of corn shrunk tea three times a day or tea made of thin branches of cherry and morello cherry trees. Add a tea spoonful of honey. Decoctions of red cilantro (Eritraea centaurium) and St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) have a very good effect. During the treatment do not eat water melons and grapes.


It happens frequently in summer, not only with children but with adults as well. If indigestion is not due to infection but to incompatible use of different food, to overeating fruit, to dirty hands and unwashed vegetables, you can very easily get rid of it. Give the children rice decoction for two or three days. It is prepared as follows: one part of rice and six parts of water are boiled on low fire until the rice is well boiled. Filter the decoction and give the children one third of a cup of warm drink every two hours.

A solution of potassium permanganate also has a very good effect on the stomach. It should be with pale rose color. Drink one cup in the morning and in the evening, for children half a cup. It is good to use the same solution for enema. Sometimes one or two procedures are sufficient to restore the normal gastric activity.

Sexual frustration

It makes men bitter and disappointed; it can cause nervous shocks and destruction of family.

Few are those who realize the nature of sexual frustration and the reasons for it. Usually, it is a result of lack of vitamins in the body, excessive fatigue, acute neurological disorders, and prolonged use of alcohol and smoking. A kind of chain reaction arises: an only case of sexual frustration can generate a loss of faith in your own forces, a nervous tension and fear, and this can continue infinitely.

It is not difficult to deal with this trouble. Try to eat more vegetables, especially carrots and fruit.  Sleep no less than eight hours. Spend more time outdoors. In summer use the water and the sun. By no means use medicines even if you are told that they have a miraculous effect: this effect lasts only for a short time.  In fact, the effect on the genitals is like a whip to a horse. After every whip there is a boost, rise and a new fall again. If you drink too much alcohol, 99% of sexual frustration is due to this “pleasure”. Forget about alcohol. Very soon you will feel a strong and a full-bodied man. The short excitement after a glass of alcohol is a deception.

Here is another tip: Every evening before going to bed put you feet first in hot water, then in cold water. You will sleep better and you will be full of new force.

Smash finely six hundred grams of ice wrap it in a towel and put it for one minute on the back of your head at the junction of the skull and the spinal column; then, again for one minute, put it on your ribs opposite your heart; after that around your testicles, again for one minute.  Remember, only one minute! Repeat the procedure 3–5 times. If you repeat it for several days, your sexual abilities will be restored much better than with the strongest medicines. Sexual frustration will vanish. 

Dill is a cure for a lot of diseases

To be more exact, dill helps for the treatment of chronic heart failure, for prophylaxis of angina attacks and for the elimination if intestinal cramps and pain. The medicinal properties of dill are unique. It contains plenty of ascorbic acid and iron salts which make dill irreplaceable for medicinal diets for people recovering after heavy trauma. The green part of dill, infusions and decoctions, made both of fresh and dry dill, can be used to cure primary forms of hypertension as dill lowers the arterial pressure on the account of some expansion of blood vessels; dill strengthens their walls and increases urine output. Potassium salts, which dill contains, have an antiarrhythmic effect on the changed heart rhythm; they increase and facilitate the activity of an exhausted heart by improving the exchange processes of the cardiac muscle. One tea spoonful of crushed dry dill half an hour before meals will make you sleepy and will calm you down.

Dill seeds improve appetite, increase the secretion of gastric glands and pancreas, increase the secretion of bile, eliminate swelling of intestines, and remove intestinal colic pains.

Dill in a combination with other medicinal plants is used to cure diseases of the respiratory system and increases breast milk.

If you have swelling, spasms and pains in the intestines, use the following infusion: mix one table spoonful of dill in one cup of boiling water and drink it two times a day before meals. The dose for children is one or two table spoonfuls, and for adults is half a cup.

Rheumatism and osteochondrosis

If you want to cure your rheumatism, you must give up meat for a long time and become a vegetarian. Eat as many raw vegetables and fruit as possible. Rheumatism of the joints is treated successfully if you exclude meat from your diet in general. All the newest medical sources recommend beginning the treatment of rheumatism with a fundamental cleansing of the body. It is mandatory to cleanse your body and stop food at least once a week as this procedure accelerates the process of recovery and always leads to excellent results.

Acidic food such as sugar and products containing sugar; milk, eggs, fish, jams, vinegar, spices, containing black pepper, strong tea, coffee, fried and fat food prepared for a long use must be excluded from your diet.

You should also massage the hurting places.

Several traditional recipes for rheumatism and osteochondrosis are recommended:

Pour 200 grams of olive oil or oil into a bottle with a tight cap. Add 10–15 red peppers and 200 grams of refined gas. Shake well and leave for nine days in a warm place; shake it every day. Before going to bed rub the mixture into your skin. In the morning put on woolen underwear and woolen socks.

Take a bottle of 200 grams. Put a piece of camphor on the bottom. Fill one third with turpentine oil, one third with olive oil or oil and one third with wine alcohol. Shake the mixture before use. Rub it into your skin until it fully absorbs; wrap the place with a woolen scarf or a towel.

Take 50 grams of camphor, 50 grams of mustard, 100 grams of alcohol and 100 grams of raw egg whites.

Dissolve camphor in the alcohol, put the mustard in the solution, and stir it so that the mustard fully dissolves. Beat the egg whites separately and then add them to the mixture.

The ointment is rubbed in the evening before going to bed but it should not all be absorbed; a layer of it should be left; then it is wiped with dry gauze.

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