Old Slavic Home Remedies By Pavel Kurenkov – Part 4

Old Slavic Home Remedies By Pavel Kurenkov – Part 4

Old Slavic Home Remedies By Pavel Kurenkov – Part 4

For people their health is the most precious thing in life; however, to a great extent, health depends on their way of life and their relations to the environment. Many people look for new “prestigious” chemical medicines and forget about the old traditional medicine which has been curing people from disability and trauma for thousands of years. The remarkable Russian doctor Pavel Matveevich Kurenkov (read U like in PUT; stress on the last O) offers the reader these old recipes in his Healer’s Book. Each of them contains centuries-old healing experience of the Slav peoples.

The most efficient and accessible cures for anybody in trouble have been selected in this article. It is useful for doctors as well as for patients

Swelling of legs

Feel fresh and energetic

When your voice drops

How to get rid of epilepsy

Tip for asthmatic people

Youth elixir

A diet for stomach diseases

The table of health

Classical diet



Recommendation for expectant mothers

How you should strengthen your heart

Intestinal atony (delayed peristalsis)


Swelling of legs

You should drink linseed decoction made in the following way: take 4 tea spoonfuls of linseed for one liter of water and boil for 10–15 minutes; after that leave the pot in a warm place for one hour. You need not filter it. Drink it hot; take half a cup every two hours 6–8 times a day. After 2–3 weeks you will have excellent results.

So that we do not feel old

If you want to feel always fresh, energetic and cheerful, you should always cleanse your body of unnecessary substances and control your metabolism so that you do not accumulate salts and toxic substances. This is what both old healers and modern doctors affirm.

Sea kale is recommended as the best cure to regulate your metabolism. It is a component of a lot of medicines prepared by Chinese pharmacists. Dry and canned sea kale is a very good condiment for any dish.

Traditional healers recommend sick people horsetail (Equisetum arvense) for cleansing the body. Boil the dry and finely cut horsetail (Equisetum arvense) and drink it like tea. Birchen buds are considered to be very useful, too. If there are no birchen buds, you can use young birchen leaves – 10 grams for one cup of water – and birchen juice.

Birchen buds, leaves and juice favorably influence metabolism and remove any ballast and harmful substances from the body. They have a rejuvenating effect on the body and all organs begin to function better, your wrinkles disappear, your eyes shine, your step becomes more energetic and the clarity of your thoughts is restored.


When your voice drops

There is a rather simple recipe which guarantees that this traditional cure will restore the timbre of your voice in one day.

Pour half a liter of water into a pot and add to it half a cup of aniseed. Leave it to boil for 15 minutes. Throw out the seeds and add a quarter of a cup of honey, preferably linden honey, and  let the liquid boil for a few more minutes; add one   table spoonful of brandy. Drink one table spoonful of it every half an hour.

How to get rid of epilepsy

“Epilepsy is cured with natural methods” is the opinion of a well known American nutritionist Paul Bragg. The compiler of The Healer’s book, Dr P.M. Kurenkov cites Paul Bragg in his advice. Bragg suggests that people with epilepsy should eat only raw vegetarian food and should often have days without any food. His recommendation is that after every nine or ten days there should be three days of full hunger.

This method can cure epilepsy completely. The illness can also be cured with sorcerer’s water “charged” by a psychic. Not long ago people laughed at the idea but at present this method is practiced.

Tip for asthmatic people

In Russia, especially in Siberia and Finland, where people love sauna, this illness is very rare. Do you have a sauna? = Probably not. So what will you do? The Healer’s Book offers the recipe of a well-known American, Dr Walker. According to his theory how to deal successfully with asthma, you must once and for all become a vegetarian. You should exclude food containing starch, milk and sugar from your diet.

Vegetable juices are very good for asthma, especially the sauce with lemon juice and horseradish.

Take 200 grams of fresh grated horseradish and a juice of 2–3 lemons. Drink half a tea spoonful of it in the morning and in the afternoon every day. You can have some eye irritation as a side effect but do not pay attention to it. You should drink the sauce for a long time; do not add anything to it and do not drink water after it. This cure does not harm the kidneys, the gallbladder and the intestine mucosa if you do not add vinegar, if the horseradish is fresh and if the cure is kept in a cool place.

If you have asthma attacks, you can drink barley coffee, swallow pieces of ice and inhale Sal ammoniac alcohol. Put mustard poultice on your calves and brush your body with a brush. Your room must be always aired.

Youth elixir

This cure is excellent for asthma and rejuvenates and cleanses the blood. It is especially useful for elderly overweight people.

Here is the recipe: smash 400 grams of garlic, squeeze the juice of 4 lemons, put the mixture in a jar, stir it, cover the jar with a cloth and keep it for 24 days in a dark place.

Shake before drinking. Take a tea spoonful of the mixture in half a glass of water once a day before going to bed. Ten or twelve days after you begin the treatment you will feel better and you will sleep much better. This cure has been very popular in Ukraine and the Caucasus for five hundred years.

Here is one more traditional recipe for those who suffer of asthma: take a kilo of honey, juice from 10 lemonа, 10 heads of garlic medium size; mash the garlic well. Mix all components and leave the mixture for a week in a closed jar. Drink once a day 4 tea spoonfuls of it very slowly. Do not miss a single day. This cure should be enough for two months. After that you will feel that your diseases have vanished.


A diet for stomach diseases

If you often have a stomachache, if you have acids and abdominal discomfort, try to keep the following way of life and diet for one to three months: first of all, stop alcohol and smoking. Do not eat anything spicy or sour, do not use mustard, pepper, fat pork and fried food or food which was boiled for a long time. You can eat bread in limited quantities, and toast is the best. You can also drink tea and coffee but in limited quantities, too.

One more condition: chew your food very carefully so that it mixes with the saliva. If you are tired, do not eat by any means. First have a rest. Then you will see that you were not as hungry as you thought. Fatigue can be mistaken for hunger.

According to old healers, a lot of stomach diseases are cured with the right rational diet and herbs.

Here is one of the ways to cure colitis, even though a lot of patients try to cure it without success in hospitals and sanatoria.

This is the recipe: put one tea spoonful of red cilantro (Eritraea centaurum), salvia (Salvia officinalis) and chamomile each in one cup of boiling water.  Drink one table spoonful every two hour, about 7–8 times a day for one to three months. After that you can drink it 2–3 times a day until you fully recover. Many doctors recommend a strict diet and this herb decoction not only for colitis but for other gastrointestinal diseases as well.

Another traditional cure for increased acidity in the stomach is the carrot juice. The higher the acidity, the more juice you should drink. This has been an old cure in Russia and Siberia for ages.

The table of health


Few people use seafood like squid, mussels, shrimp and sea kale regularly. They can vary your menu and improve your diet. Fish menu has very big advantages compared with meat menu. People who eat fish more often live longer, they are less sick and do not suffer of infirmities of the old age.

In protein content seafood is like lean veal and beef. Marine combs, shrimp, mussels and other sea invertebrates contain valuable amino acids, vitamins from В and С groups and vitamin D.

Sea kale is especially rich in mineral substances and iodine. It has a great nutritional value as a source of proteins and vitamins. It is very successfully used for prophylaxis of sclerosis and goiter. You can eat it raw, dry or canned.

The salad made of canned sea kale is very tasty and easy to prepare. Prepare it with a can of sea kale, two hard boiled eggs and one onion.

Sea kale has a very favorable effect on the body when there is lipid metabolic disorder; it also has a positive effect on atherosclerosis and sugar diabetes.

Apples are irreplaceable on the table of health; they are a main source of iron for the body. Apples contain pectin substances which have a curing effect on intestines. Ascorbic acid, fructose and magnesium, which apples contain, are very useful, too. It is very well known that regular consumption of apples restrains the development of atherosclerosis. Two or three or more apples a day can decrease the level of cholesterol by 10–14%. This fruit keeps its medicinal properties in any kind. Boiled and baked apples contain more pectin than the raw ones.

Cornel (Cornus mas) is very useful. It is from the plants, the medicinal properties of which humanity has been using for ages. Its fruits are excellent. In the Crimea in Russia they make tasty round bread with cornel paste. On the Caucasus people use cornel as a seasoning for meat dishes. Baked cornel seeds can replace coffee.

Cornel is popular in medicine as it contains a lot of biologically active substances, which have a wide healing effect on the body. Cornel has a constricting, antimicrobial, anesthetizing and restorative effect on the body and improves metabolism. These fruits are particularly good when you lack vitamins due to anemia; they help for colds and headache.

Cornel infusions and decoctions are used for gastrointestinal and skin diseases. A decoction of fresh cornel leaves is recommended if you have backache, tinnitus (noise of ringing in the ears), when you have a decrease of strength and as a diuretic. Cornel fruits have been forgotten for a long tome, though they are extremely useful, and now it is time to bring them back to your menu.

Useful tip

Restrict your desires when you grow older and when you suffer from some diseases. Do not overeat. The wider your waist is, the shorter your life is. If you go to bed on an empty stomach, you will wake up fresh in the morning. Eat vegetables at all meals.

Do not try to imitate that cranky man who tried to squeeze water out of a rock to show how strong he was. Do not overstrain yourself. Do not try to squeeze out all your forces when you are not so young anymore.

Meet the morning with a smile while you go for a walk. Say good night to the evening when you come back from a walk. Before you go to sleep think about the nice things that happened during the day and about what nice things you are going to do the next day.

Classical diet

This diet is for ladies who what to be slim, young and, of course, healthy

Breakfast: Rose hip decoction with black currant and a tea spoonful of honey; a few tea spoonfuls of fresh cottage cheese. Between breakfast and lunch eat an apple or a carrot.

Lunch: several small pieces of boiled meat, an egg and vegetables.

Supper: a little meat and a lot of vegetables with a little oil. Before going to bed drink a cup of herb decoction, which is needed for the normal functioning of the stomach, the liver and the kidneys. Put always some mint in the decoction to remove nervous tension and to sleep well.

As you see, there is meat in the diet. It is for those ladies who are accustomed to having it in their diet. They should gradually take it out of their diet and replace it with vegetables, cereals and dry fruits.

You should note that the diet offered optional. You can change the assortment of products to infinity. You should choose your menu yourself so that you can control the reactions of your body to one or another product.


Boil celery roots (150 grams) in one liter of water. Cool. With this decoction make compresses of the frostbitten places and make baths of the hands and feet. After that spread some goose fat or lard on your skin and wrap with a warm towel.


We all know that every disease is unpleasant but hemorrhoids cause a particular pain and inconvenience. Fortunately, there is a cure for them, too.

Here are some traditional recipes.

For ages healers have cured hemorrhoids with fresh aspen leaves (Populus tremula). Put them on the hemorrhoid growths. After a day or two you should repeat the procedure, and then, several more times.

Pour two liters of milk into an earthenware pot. Put four big onions in the pot. Put the pot in the oven to brew. Take it out and put a wooden or cardboard circle on the pot. Sit on the pot so that the steam goes to the hemorrhoids. Repeat these procedures every three days. After the fourth procedure the growths and the pains will disappear. Six hours before the procedures it is advisable to take a laxative so that the gastrointestinal system is cleansed well.

Gather mullein blossoms (Verbascul thapsiforme), dry them, brew them like tea and drink the tea two or three times a day. In this way the famous healer, Mrs. Oliger, from the town of Ekaterininburg in Russia, Ural District, cured hundreds of patients. The drink stopped hemorrhoid bleeding, relieved pain and removed growths.

Recommendation for expectant mothers

If you decided to have a baby, you should think not only about yourself but about the tiny creature that will come to this world. You and your husband must not drink alcohol when you decide to have a baby. If you feel that you are already in the family way, you need not change your rhythm of life. You can work but your work must not be heavy and you should go for long walks. Do not lift anything heavy. Do not run. Your future child does not like contrasts. So do not bathe in very cold water and do not have very hot baths. Look at life in a philosophical way. Do not get vexed about trifles. Do not take part in scandals and conflicts.

A lot of women are anxious to know what they can and what they cannot eat during their pregnancy. Do not change your basic habits. However, if you prefer spicy, salty and sweet food, you should naturally restrict that kind of food and eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, cheese and cereals. Eat less meat, less sugar and fats, more fresh vegetables, fruit and strawberries. If the greater part of your pregnancy is during winter, compensate the lack of vitamins and microelements with rose hip decoctions, some herbs, stewed fruit, cabbage and sauerkraut, beet, carrots, and onions. Control your weight. You should not be heavier than the norm, which takes into consideration the increase of the volume of the uterus, the amniotic fluid and the weight of the fetus. Extra weight will make you less flexible and will make the delivery harder. Some young women sleep badly before their term and are very anxious. They should go for a walk in the evening and after that drink half a cup of mint decoction. Then unpleasant sensations will be gone.

How you should strengthen your heart

If you are not young anymore, you feel that your heart starts worrying you, you have pains, you cannot breathe freely; you get tired easily. It is already time to do something for your heart, not just wait that everything will pass by itself. Start strengthening your heart and blood vessels. Your health and your longevity depend on that.

Here are some tips.

Once and for all give up smoking and alcohol. Do not eat fat meat and spices. Fresh air and walks, combined with moderate and rational diet, will help you restore your good condition and will improve your health.

A lot of people ask what to take when their heart hurts. They should drink a rose hip decoction with mint and a tea spoonful of honey or a decoction of valerian roots before going to bed.

Intestinal atony (delayed peristalsis)

This disease goes with constipation, stomachache, swelling, and lack of appetite, congestion of unnecessary substances in the liver, the stomach and the other organs. You should try hard and insistently to get rid of it.

Here are some recommendations: the first is mandatory: more walks and abdominal exercise. Besides you should not use big quantities of pasta dishes and products, you should give up potatoes, meat and pastry. Begin eating more vegetables and fruits, begin and finish your meals with them. It is better if you eat them raw. Very useful for you are cabbage and sauerkraut, carrots, beet, fresh cucumbers, turnip, apples and plums. Prepare more dishes of zucchini, cabbage, eggplants, pepper, carrots and onions. Salads, buckwheat porridge and mash of crushed barley are very good for you and so are vegetable soups. All these foods “sweep” all the harmful substances out of your body and make intestines function properly. Drink herb decoctions. St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), chamomile and horsetail (Equisetum arvense) will relieve your pains.


One of the consequences of intestinal atony is obesity. The reasons for obesity can also be an impaired metabolism and overeating. So the most important recommendation is to eat less and to walk more. To walk does not mean from the table to the sofa, though. Walk until you sweat. Many people, who are not exactly obese, say that they eat very little, like a sparrow. Do not believe them. Obese people should eat much less although this will be very difficult for them. They should eat five or six times a day, not only once or twice. Obese people must forget fat, fried and sweet foods; they should avoid yeast dough, butter, creams and sour cream. Vegetables and fruits, a little boiled meat or fish and toast will help them a lot.

It is very useful to have one day a week without food: no food for 24 hours, only herb decoctions, water and juices. If you are very hungry, drink half a cup of mint infusion. However, one dietetic day a week does not mean that on the other days you can eat a lot. Be moderate – this should be your motto. Your reward will be a slim waist, light step, no pains in the liver, normal heart rhythm and improvement of blood vessels. Isn’t that worth missing fresh bread with butter or a piece of cake? – It sure is!

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