Old Slavic Home Remedies By Pavel Kurenkov – Part 2

Old Slavic Home Remedies By Pavel Kurenkov – Part 2

Old Slavic Home Remedies By Pavel Kurenkov – Part 2

For people their health is the most precious thing in life; however, to a great extent, health depends on their way of life and their relations to the environment. Many people look for new “prestigious” chemical medicines and forget about the old traditional medicine which has been curing people from disability and trauma for thousands of years. The remarkable Russian doctor Pavel Matveevich Kurenkov (read U like in PUT; stress on the last O) offers the reader these old recipes in his Healer’s Book. Each of them contains centuries-old healing experience of the Slav peoples.

The most efficient and accessible cures for anybody in trouble have been selected in this article. It is useful for doctors as well as for patients.

How to be pretty

The miraculous root



The healing apple juice

Aches in arms and legs


Stomach ulcer

What we eat and what we should eat

Body culture and what is the use of water

A thorn got into your finger


How to be pretty

In spring the skin even of young girls fades, it loses its elasticity, its healthy color, and the hair loses its shine. Here are some traditional recipes which will help the ladies.

Cut finely a fresh cucumber, put it in a bottle and pour water over the cucumber. Leave it in the sun for two weeks. Then wet a linen napkin and rub your face with the liquid in the morning and in the evening. After a few days you will notice that your skin has become smooth, tender and rosy.

Mix a yolk with a tea spoonful of honey and the same quantity of glycerin. Stir and put the mix on your face for an hour or two. Then wash gently with water. Your face will be fresh and your wrinkles will be less visible. Put the rest of the mix in a cool place. Make the mask two or three times a week. In spring pay more attention to your face, and rub cream, milk or butter into your skin. When you cook, rub a piece of potato, beet or cucumber into your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. After winter the skin needs to be fed.

Mix one part of vodka with four parts of onion juice and six parts of decoction made from buttercup roots (Ranunculus). Rub this mix into the roots of your hair. After this procedure the hair grows quicker and becomes shiny. We recommend washing your hair with a beaten egg and a little water.

The miraculous root

The Chinese say that if there is ginseng, there is health; if there is no ginseng, there is no health. To Russia ginseng came from China; there they call it the root of life. The Chinese think ginseng is holy. They say that not everybody can find it; only the worthy and honest people can find it. The roots are dug in the end of June and the beginning of July. During that period ginseng has its strongest power. The root, which resembles a human figure, is considered to be the most valuable of all roots.

If you feel the symptoms of aging prematurely – weakness, dizziness, headache and heart pain – the best way to recover, to rejuvenate and gather force is to drink an alcohol based infusion of ginseng roots. It is prepared in the following way: take a table spoonful of mashed root or a piece of root a few centimeters long and put it in half a liter of well purified vodka. Begin the treatment on the next day so that your body could get accustomed to the weak root concentration, and then continue with the stronger concentration. Drink a table spoonful three times a day before meals. When you almost finish the infusion, pour another dose of vodka into the bottle. This can be repeated two or three times. After a week you will feel how your body is filled with young force; weakness, different pains and indifference to life will disappear.

Water and herbs are the best cure

You should read the chapter about the miracles of hot bath treatment with decoction of added herbs very carefully.

The medicinal effect of the baths offered is very simple and extremely efficient. The best baths are those with sawdust decoction. Sawdust has the highest content of essential oils and of substances, which help cure rheumatism, blood diseases, skin diseases and hypothermia of the body.

Here is the recipe again: for a full tub take one kilo of sawdust, put it in a bag, pour water over it, boil and let the liquid in the pot for a few hours. Pour it into the hot tub and stay in the tub for 20–45 minutes, depending on the condition of your heart.

Baths are very useful for your metabolism, if you have stones in the liver and in the kidneys, if you have gout and convulsions, and pain in the gallbladder, the intestines, the stomach and the kidneys.

Here are some more recipes

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

Cut it finely, pour cold water over it, boil for half an hour and add to the water in the tub. If some wound does not heal for a long time, put gauze, moistened with horsetail (Equisetum arvense) decoction. The wound will soon heal.

Oak bark

Dry it, crush it and put it in cold water for a few hours; boil it for half an hour, filter and pour into the tub. This decoction lowers high temperature of the body, heals wounds and cures skin damaged by frost.

Calamus (Acorus calamus)

Pour cold water over the root and the green parts of the calamus and boil for half an hour. Such baths are very good for neurosis.

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)

Pour cold water over chamomile blossoms and boil for 10 minutes in a tightly closed pot. Due to the big quantity of essential oils in this decoction, chamomile baths cure external and internal inflammation, have a calming effect and relieve increased neuralgia.

Walnut leaves

Pour cold water over fresh or dry walnut leaves and leave them to boil for almost an hour in a tightly closed pot. These baths are an excellent cure for any skin irritations and the lymphatic glands and have a calming effect.


Like sawdust, put the cereals in a bag, pour cold water over them and boil for a few minutes. These baths are useful for very sensitive skin.

Pine needles

Pour cold water over the needles, the blossoms and the cones, boil for half an hour and leave them for 12 hours. Baths with such an extract have an amazing effect: they calm you down, strengthen your nerves and heart, help for insomnia, cure rheumatism and help lose weight.

There is one more effect: if you inhale the steam, it will relieve the catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, asthma and lung diseases. These baths are good for recovering people as they quickly restore the forces of their weakened bodies.


The valerian decoction is essential for people, who need to calm down, get rid of excessive excitement, regulate their heart rhythm after a nervous stress and excitement and lower their blood pressure.

 And two more recipes from the Healer’s Book

Put two kilograms of salt in a full tub. The solution helps remove unnecessary substances through the skin and improves blood access to the skin. It also improves metabolism, rejuvenates the skin and makes you feel cheerful and fresh.

If you have colds, rheumatic aches in the arms and legs, make baths of hands and feet with mustard. Put five to eight table spoonfuls of mustard in very hot water. This bath should not last for more than 5–10 minutes. After the bath rinse your hands and feet with clean water, rub them well with a dry rough towel, put on woolen socks, go to a warm bed and drink hot tea or herb decoction with honey. The cold will disappear immediately, the pains and aches in the joints will pass and you will sleep deep and quiet.



A lot of people suffer from this disease. The first symptoms are a dry mouth, weakness, constant feeling of hunger, skin irritation. Remove sugar and everything sweet – cakes and pastry – from your menu; limit potatoes and all oily and fat foods.

What can you eat? Lean meat, fish, and a lot of vegetables: raw, boiled, baked, and stewed with a little oil. You must not overeat. Eat often and a little. You must fast one day per week. Pay attention to your stomach and to your intestines. They must be cleansed well. Do not be afraid to use laxatives and even enema. Besides, you should drink bilberry infusion every day.

Try to get rid of diabetes by these methods. Do not rush to use different medicines and especially insulin. Your body will get used to medicines and after that it is difficult to overcome the disease.

And one more tip: try to live in such a way that you should have more positive emotions. Diabetes depresses people. Fight it with laughter.


A lot of women, especially those who do heavy physical work, have excessive bleeding during menstruation. They should try to avoid lifting heavy things and have a more rational diet. In order to improve the composition of blood they should drink rose hip and nettle infusion. If they already have bleeding, they should put a table spoonful of horse tail in one cup of boiling water and drink a quarter of a cupful every 2–3 hours. If the bleeding decreases, they should drink the decoction three times a day. After a few months bleeding will be regulated.

The healing apple juice

Apples have the best healing effect when their season comes; especially good is the apple juice. If you suffer of stones in the kidneys and the gallbladder, you should use this season for active treatment. Do not eat anything for three days, drink only apple juice; begin at eight o’clock a.m. with a glass of juice and then repeat every two hours until eight o’clock p.m. The apples juice must be fresh.

On the third day at eight o’clock in the morning drink two glasses of juice; after half an hour drink half a cup of olive oil and another glass of apple juice diluted with water: one part of juice, one part of water. After an hour or two sand and small stones will come out with the urine. Sometimes they are dissolved if they are urates and phosphates, and the urine becomes greenish in color. It will do you a lot of good if you lie in a warm tub during that period. After a few weeks you can repeat the procedure. You will feel better and healthier and will forget about pains in your kidneys, gallbladder and liver. All these organs will be rejuvenated and will function very well. However, that does not mean that you should start eating fried, salty and spicy food again. Moderate diet will guarantee your wellbeing in the future.


Aches in arms and legs

Sometimes, if you are overtired, if you have insomnia or nervous stress, you may feel aches in arms and legs. They can be very strong and unbearable and you cannot sit or lie. Do not rush to take pills. You should better prepare a salty or juniper bath as hot as you can bear. If you have problems with your heart, the water should be moderately warm. Lie in the tub for 20 or 40 minutes, relax and think about something pleasant. After that drink one cup of warm water with honey or a decoction of soothing herbs and go straight to bed. After three days the pains will completely disappear.


In Russia our ancestors invented fasting. They were very wise. Fasting means a sort of cleansing the body and a possibility to take a rest after excessive use of meat, fats, meat bouillons and pastry.

Fast means eating a little and consuming a lot of fruit, vegetables and cereals. Oil replaces animal fat. Fasting cleanses the body of unnecessary substances and rejuvenates it. It is very good for both sick and healthy people not to eat anything   once a week, only to drink juices, herb decoctions or eat apples. You must use summer to cleanse your body and give a rest to all your organs. Eat cabbage, cucumbers, onions, bakes potatoes, buckwheat and wheat cereals, and oil. Do not have any sugar, flour, sweets, spices, fried and smoked food, animal fat, alcohol and strong tea.

A lot of people have a milk diet. This is not considered quite right anymore. You should have in mind that milk has never been designed by nature as a food of adults; it is the food for infants. No animal, weaned from breast milk, uses milk again. By the way, maybe only the dog and the cat drink milk but we people taught them to.  Fresh milk is often bad for the gallbladder, the liver, the pancreas and the stomach. It is much better to turn to vegetable and juice diets and to porridge. If you love milk, you should better use it in sour milk products.


Stomach ulcer

In the beginning here are the general instructions.

During the treatment you must not eat fat meat, fish, eggs, and fresh milk. Give up smoking because nicotine damages the stomach mucosa. The same is valid for alcohol. People who have problems with their stomach, and mainly people with stomach ulcer, must not eat very cold and very hot foods.

So, this is about the diet and your way of life, now the treatment itself.

Mix one cup of St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) and two cups of oil. Put it on a water bath and boil for six hours. Filter and drink a table spoonful half an hour before meals. After two weeks you will feel better and your pains, the nausea, the dizziness and the weakness will disappear. During that period you can eat more things but you should be very careful what you can eat and what you cannot. You should remember that your ulcer is caused by a wrong diet. Therefore, in the future you should have a rational diet. Do not use any pills or powders. They do not cure, they simply relieve the pains temporarily and your ulcer will turn into a chronic one. Do not forget herb decoctions of St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), chamomile, calendula (Calendula officinalis) and knotgrass (Polygonum aviculare).

What we eat and what we should eat

Only doctors know how the colon looks. Most of the people have a colon rather contaminated with different unnecessary substances. We are to blame for that because three times a day we load our digestive system with products which neither the stomach, nor the intestines can process. Too much starch in the food, pastry, French fries, and meat cover the stomach mucosa with a thick layer, they begin to decay and form microbes. If you have an earthy complexion, unpleasant smell in your mouth, nausea, pains in your stomach and intestines, and constipation, you can be certain that your colon is extremely contaminated and you have problems with your liver

Can you get rid of that? – Of course, you can.

Consume a big quantity of vegetables and fruit, mostly raw: carrots, onions, cabbage or sauerkraut, beet and apples. Prepare salads and add oil and cream. There are a thousand options. Raw fruit and vegetables play the role of “a sweep” which cleanses the intestines, sweeps away the unnecessary substances and improves the digestion process. If you change your diet, it will immediately change your looks. You will look fresher, your skin will be more elastic; you will not have a coated tongue and a metal taste in your mouth, you will have no nausea.

It is difficult to change your habits and diet but if you want to look young and healthy, prepare your breakfast, lunch and supper in a different way; drink more juices, water with honey, herb decoctions of  St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), chamomile, mint, calendula (Calendula officinalis) and goose grass (Polygonum aviculare).

When fruit and vegetables become your everyday necessity, you will feel that your body will require more vegetable food. Then you can include some flour and starch components in your diet but very carefully because it is very easy to start your bad diet again.

One more tip: if you are over 40 years old, forget oily and fried food.

Body culture and what is the use of water

There has been a very old tradition all over the world: after a long journey or hard work people wash their faces, hands and feet. Fatigue disappears and the body is filled with new energy.

That is the reason why baths are so popular: if your skin is clean, all pores are open and the unnecessary substances are secreted through them. The body starts breathing; it becomes light, free and flexible.

Not all people have tubs and not everybody can take a bath or a shower very often but there is a way out: every morning you can massage your body with a piece of cloth moistened first in hot water, then in cold water. This procedure cleanses the body and protects you from colds. Every evening wash your feet. In winter the water should be warmer, in summer – cooler. In summer walk barefoot on the ground and on the grass.

The good culture of your body and the use of water mean good health for years.

A thorn got into your finger

This is very unpleasant, especially if you try to take it out and part of it stuck in your finger. Put tar on the place or a cut piece of aloe. The thorn will come out after some time.  Put gauze moistened in nettle alcohol infusion on the place.

The infusion is prepared as follows: stuff nettle leaves into a bottle and pour vodka into it. Leave for 12 days. It is an excellent infusion for disinfection of wounds and scratches, especially in summer. Make this infusion with the first nettle leaves, they are the best.

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