Immunixin – Disease Prevention And Stimulation Of The Immune System

Immunixin – Disease Prevention And Stimulation Of The Immune System

Immunixin – Disease Prevention And Stimulation Of The Immune System

In this article we bring to your attention an interesting medical product, developed according to the herbal recipes of Academician Nikola Hlebarov. Acad. Hlebarov is the creator of multiple herbal tinctures, the founder of “Academy of Elixirs”, laureate of many awards from all over the world, among which “Golden Oscar” for overall achievements from EUREKA – Brussels 2001. He has worked in different scientific research institutes, focusing mainly on the influence of herbal extracts on the human organism. He has published 4 books in both Bulgarian and English, thoroughly describing his herbal products and the clinical studies of their efficiency. Sincerely sincerely

The concentrated liquid formula “Immunixin” is a product with high anti-oxidative effect.It can be useful against both virus and bacterial infections. Apart from that, the product has shown very good results in the treatment of cancer. The effects of “Immunixin” are comparable to those of the contemporary antibiotics, antimycotics and even analgesics most often preferred in clinical practice. According to many researchers from different parts of the world, based on multiple studies, it can already be stated with certainty that the reason for diabetes is the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori. It disrupts the production of insulin. The same bacterium is also the cause for all types of allergies. It also stands behind all kinds of gall diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, eczema, from the most common summer virus infections, through joint pains, high blood pressure, kidney stones, migraines, diabetes, to most serious diseases like cancer and AIDS.



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