Psychotherapy With Strong Thought, Suggestion, and Hypnosis

Psychotherapy With Strong Thought, Suggestion, and Hypnosis

Psychotherapy With Strong Thought, Auto Suggestion, Suggestion, and Hypnosis

Thought is the source of our speech, habits, behavior, actions, and everything else which characterizes our personality and awareness. You need to guide your thoughts in the right direction. For your health you should try to develop the habit to think optimistically. Optimism is a source of joy. If you want to be really healthy and happy, you should cultivate cheerful thoughts, full of nobleness and kindness. Such thought create harmony, beauty, and good mood. Such thoughts can make you feel younger in body and soul. Each thought is a reality, a force. Each thought is a stone to build your destiny for better and for worse.

The power of thought and autosuggestion, suggestion and hypnosis were known to yoga and to Egyptian priests thousand years B.C. They were known to Greek philosophers, too – Aristotle (4th century B.C.) and Socrates (5th century B.C.) and others. The Bulgarian prince Boyan the Magician studied about those theories and people and popularized them among the Bogomils in the 10th century A.D.

Autosuggestion treatment

As an addition to other healing means, autosuggestion is a very strong weapon.

Depending on the circumstances, it can provoke extremely sad consequences or restore the psychic balance, and help the healing and recovery process.

Autosuggestion should be very well considered and concentrated in some short individualized formulae (the modern word for it today is mantra), depending on the disease, the mental development, education, profession and work conditions. The formula is essential to the success or failure of treatment. Bad formulation will not only obstruct treatment but it can also worsen the situation. The formula should be pronounced aloud or in whisper but lips should move. Words should be pronounced slowly and clearly with directed attention. The wish should not be expressed very passionately and with exertion of will. It should be with firm conviction in obtaining a positive result. The formula should be pronounced in the evening before going to bed or in the morning right after you wake up.



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