Bulgarian Home Remedies For Dislocations

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Dislocations

 Shoulder dislocation


Shoulder dislocation is fixed in a hospital by a doctor orthopedist or surgeon. If you have to take the injured person to hospital, you should put a pillow under his/her arm.

In order to reduce the pain, it is good to put on the ailing place a warm poultice of parsley or a warm poultice of wine and the soft part of a slice of bread, or a bag of warm boiled barley, or one of the means mentioned above for dislocation.

After the joint is fixed, you should have a hot bath with hayseed, walnut leaves and sea salt (39-40°С for 15-30 minutes). After that you should put oilcloth on the injured shoulder.

Dislocation of the arm and wrist, the hip joint, the knee joint and the foot are fixed by an orthopedist- traumatologist or a surgeon.

After the wrist is fixed, do the same procedures like with the other dislocation.

How to deal with foot dislocation


Signs: the leg swells around the ankle due to stretching the tendons. Dislocation should be treated by an orthopedist- traumatologist or a surgeon.

First aid: traditional medicine cures the vertebral bones of the foot in the following way: the injured person holds the shoulders of a person in front of them and the person in front carefully steps on the foot of the injured person with a bare heel. Then quickly bends forward and thus pulls the body of the injured person up. The dislocated bones fix by themselves.

The second way practiced by traditional medicine is every day to roll a corn cob with the injured foot for an hour of two, irrespective of the pain, until the pain is subdued. You can also do all the procedures mentioned above for dislocation but the best cure in this case is either a cool poultice with onions and salt or a warm poultice of bran boiled in vinegar. After the foot is fixed, you should keep it from another dislocation by fixing it in splints made of oilcloth and thin sticks.  When the pains disappear, remove the splints and keep only the oilcloth on the foot.



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