Bulgarian Home Remedies For Dislocations

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Dislocations

You can also put a milk compress with warm cottage cheese or fresh sheepskin or lambskin from the head of the animal, well salted with hot paprika.

You can also make a compress with warm poultice of boiled onions with salt and sugar. Boil two onions, finely cut with 1 table spoonful of salt and 1 table spoonful of sugar until it becomes a poultice. You can also use as a poultice okra with milk and sugar, boiled rice with leak, leaves of parsley, Melissa (Melissa officinalis), hairy rupturewort (Herniaria hirsute), and hop cones, or a steam compress with a little bag full of tolerably hot boiled barley. The compresses should be on for 24 hours, only the poultices and the steam compress are changed so that they are always warm.

After 24 hours or in the morning and in the evening, put the injured limb in hot water (40-42°С for 20-30 minutes). It is best with a decoction of hayseed, walnut leaves and sea salt, or of bran. Then make a light massage with pure olive oil. Massage in the direction of the heart and after the massage wrap the injured limb with paper and put on woolen socks. Better than that is a bag of warm rural grain sourdough sprinkled with sugar. The compress should cover the joint about eight cm: 4 cm up and 4 cm down the joint. Fasten it to a splint. After the bath if the swelling has decreased, stick oil-cloth to the dislocated or cracked bone.

How to prepare an ointment for dislocated joint or broken bone

Take 1 tea spoonful of crushed pure white incense and mastic, 2 tea spoonfuls of powdered sugar, one fresh egg, and 2-4 table spoonfuls of white flour and 40 g of Rakia. Mix it to receive a white ointment. Put from it on percale cloth and stick it to the injured joint. Put over some thick paper and bind it with a woolen cloth. The compress should be left on the joint for 3-4 days. At the same time, during the day, put one or two compresses with cool water on the belly; keep them for 2-3 hours.  In the evening make another compress and keep it on all night. If you have to travel, put splints round the dislocated joint. Dislocation cannot be cured by itself. The dislocated part should be put in place at once – the sooner, the better. After that you begin the treatment as it is shown above. In order to achieve faster healing, hot baths should be made every evening before you go to bed. Apply one of the poultices described above or make a poultice with leaven and sugar. Do not forget the belly compress. Make it with cool decoction of hayseed or only with cool water. Keep it on all night.

During the day you can put oilcloth on the dislocated joint.



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