Bulgarian Yogurt And Its Unique Health Properties

Bulgarian Yogurt And Its Unique Health Properties

Bulgarian Yogurt And Its Unique Health Properties

Research lately has shown that the traditional Bulgarian cuisine of the late 1800s and early 1900s was very close to the so called Mediterranean diet. Furthermore, food traditions in all Balkan countries show how very close they are, which enables us to speak of healthy Balkan food or Balkan diet. Food traditions of the Balkan peoples meet the important criteria of healthy diet. Bulgarian yogurt.

The Bulgarian sour milk ( yogurt ) is a typical example of the Bulgarian contribution to Balkan healthy diet. Ilia Ilich Mechnikov, a distinguished Russian and French biologist, had a hypothesis that Bulgarian highlanders owe their longevity to yogurt.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the world famous Russian biologist, Nobel laureate, Ilia Ilich Mechnikov (1845–1916), began work in the most famous at that time the Luis Pasteur institute in Paris. He thought that aging is a disease like all other diseases. Mechnikov believed that protein substances rot in the colon, and as a result toxic amides harmful to man are produced. They are absorbed by the body and cause changes in the tissues of the arterial walls. As a result senile changes occur in the body leading to unduly early death. Mechnikov was certain that the harmful influence of these microorganisms can be reduced by suitable lactobacilli.

Mechnikov gathered data from 36 countries and found that most centenarians live in Bulgaria, four in a thousand people. He explained that with the regular consumption of the Bulgarian yogurt. Thus Mechnikov was the first to put on a strict scientific basis the nutritional, dieting and healing properties of the Bulgarian  yogurt  and attract the attention of the world public to it. He was convinced in the excellent properties of the Bulgarian  yogurt  as a food product and during the last ten years of his life he took Bulgarian  yogurt  regularly.

The first scientist who studied the micro flora of the Bulgarian  yogurt  was the Bulgarian Stamen Grigorov (1878-1945), a medical student in Geneva. In 1905 he described it as consisting of one rod and one ball lactic acid bacteria. In 1907 the rod bacterium was called Lactobacillus bulgaricus, and the ball bacterium  Streptococcus thermophilus.



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