Health Tips by Lyudmila Kim – Famous Russian Healer

Health Tips by Lyudmila Kim – Famous Russian Healer

Health Tips by Lyudmila Kim

Lyudmila Kim is a Russian healer and a psychic. She is Korean by origin. She was born in 1941 in Gudermes, Chechenia. She finished school with a gold medal and went to Moscow to study at the D. I. Mendeleev Chemical and Technical Higher School. She made her PhD after the university and three years later she was doctor of chemical sciences. Lyudmila dedicated her knowledge and efforts to traditional medicine. She travelled in Asia, Europe and Russia; she met famous healers and collected valuable information. She wrote thirteen books, and some have been translated into Bulgarian, like the book Healing Treasure. She thinks that out of pure malice a person can hoodoo. Mother’s hoodoo is extremely strong. Lyudmila says that there are different reasons for the insidious disease, cancer. “Some people think that it is a matter of microbes but I think cancer is a blood illness of the aggrieved person who did not forgive, and that poisons their blood”, she explains.

74-year-old chemist started to heal people when she was thirty. When she was asked what the secret of her youthful appearance is, she answered, “I try to pray every day. I drink herbs – every spring I drink a decoction of dandelions for my stomach and liver”.

– I know that you also can see the future, remove bad forces and negative influence. Are you a healer or a visionary? 
– I think I am a visionary or rather a doctor. In my country traditional herbalists and healers and the doctors, who treat with alternative medicine, are called doctors. The achievements of modern medicine are not always sufficient in the fight with diseases. Lately more and more hope has been set on alternative methods of treatment but few are the people who really can understand the hidden possibilities of nature. I rely on Chinese medicine in my methods and on my good knowledge of herbs. I know Bulgarian herbs very well, and I can say that they are miraculous. I don’t understand people who don’t trust herb treatment. In fact herbs are in the basis of chemistry and of the chemical medicines. I have been in Bulgaria a lot of times and I have studied the herbs which grow in Bulgaria for years. They really have wonderful properties. I also apply Vanga’s methods which I learned from her. It is very important to make breathing exercises for a long time and a lot of times.
You should be careful what you eat. I recommend yoga. Do not drink much coffee. Too much coffee eliminates potassium in your kidneys, and heavy metals form in its place; they are very harmful and help stones in the kidneys to be formed. Bulgarians have a lot of trouble with their kidneys. Don’t drink too much coffee!



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