Basket Plant  (Callisia fragrans) Ointment

Basket Plant (Callisia fragrans) Ointment

Basket Plant Ointment

The basket plant ointment (prepared on the basis of children’s crème, Vaseline, lard, other animal fat or butter) is used for treatment of wounds, frostbites, trophic ulcers, different skin diseases. It can also be used for massages during colds, for arthritis, arthrosis. The ointment is for external use only. To prepare it you will need dried and fresh parts of the plant, which are chopped finely, as well as freshly extracted basket plant juice.

Recipe 1

Chop the basket plant leaves and stems, crush them and mix the paste with crème, vaseline or lard in a ratio 2:3. The ready ointment is stored in a container made from dark glass and kept in the refrigerator.

 Recipe 2

Extract some fresh juice from the leaves and stems of the basket plant and mix it with some crème, vaseline or lard in a ratio 1:3. The ointment is stored in dark-glass container, in the fridge.

 Recipe 3

Grind well the leaves, stems and young shoots of the basket plant then mix them with some basic crème, vaseline or lard in a 2:3 ratio. Put the ointment in a dark-glass container and store it in the fridge.

 Recipe 4

 Dry some basket plant leaves. Grind the dried leaves into powder and mix with crème or vaseline.

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