Healthy Lifestyle By Professor Hristo Mermerski

Healthy Lifestyle By Professor Hristo Mermerski

Healthy Lifestyle By Professor Hristo Mermerski

Dear readers, I think you will agree with me it is not possible to eat everything that is placed on the table at lunch, dinner, wedding receptions, birthday parties, celebrations, cocktails, and so on, without our bodies accumulating toxins and harmful substances as a result. We first start to feel some heaviness in the stomach, then there is heartburn, gastritis, ulcer, colitis, stomach and colon cancer and,ultimately, premature death. Bad and unhealthy eating habits could also often lead to other, not less dangerous diseases, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, gout, strokes, and diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys, bones, the prostate and more.  As a proof of the above, there comes the conclusion which the World Health Organizations has reached, that 70% of the people on the planet die due to causes related to unhealthy eating habits. Nature has given us more than 200 healing foods, over 190 of which are also grown or produced in our country. Over 40% of these healthy foods have an anti-cancer effect and more than 30% of them are an excellent remedy for the most serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, gout, atherosclerosis and dozens of others. Isn’t it insulting for a highly cultured society such as ours, that people die in great pains due to unhealthy eating habits, while mother nature has provided us with different kinds of food, which, apart from having a healing effect, are tasty, delicious and (unlike medicines) consuming them is truly delightful. And most importantly, apart from their excellent taste and nutritional qualities, these foods can really heal. It is only important to know in what form, in what sequence, for which diseases and in what combinations to consume these foods in order to be healthy and enjoy a full life! This is exactly what I have tried to do with this publication. I hope my effort has been successful.



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