Bulgarian Home Remedies For Migraines

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Migraines

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Migraines

  1. Migraine – in 600 mL of water boil 3 tbsp of anise. Drink three times a day 1 cup of the liquid before eating.
  2. Migraine – every morning, afternoon, 20 minutes before eating take 1 sugar cube mixed with 20 drops of valerian tincture.

10 minutes after the sugar cube and the valerian tincture, drink 1 cup of 75 g of the following decoction:

Agrimoniaeupatoria (aka agrimony, church steeples or sticklewort), pine buds, Leonuruscardiaca (aka motherwort), Plantagomaior (aka broadleaf plantain), strawberry leaves, primrose, Astragalusglycyphyllos (aka liquorice milkvetch, wild liquorice, wild licorice) – the whole herb with the root,  Melilotusofficinalis (aka yellow sweet clover, yellow melilot, ribbed melilot), marigold (leaves and blossoms), gentian, and Centauriumerythraea (aka centaury) – 50 g of each and mix very well.  From this mixture, take 2 full tbsp and boil them on low heat in 500 mL of water. When it cools off, strain well. A shown above – drink 75 g of the liquid, 10 minutes after the sugar cube and the valerian drops.

3. I. In the morning, at noon and in the evening 20 minutes before meals take 1 lump of sugar with 20 drops of the following mix: simple valerian tincture 20 g; tincture of hawthorn blossom 20 g, water of bitter almonds 15 g, camphor powder 1 g and mint oil – 10 drops.

II. Ten minutes after the drops, drink 1 wine glass of 75 ml decoction of agrimonia, pine tips, motherwort (leonorus), plantain (Plantago maior), leaves of forest strawberry, primrose , astragals (Astragalus glycyphylos) (the whole herb with the root), melilot (Melilotus officinalis), calendula (Calendula officinalis) (leaves and blossom), gentian (Gentiana cruciata), and red cilantro (Eritraea centaurium) (leaves and blossom) – 50 g of each. Of that mix put 2 table spoonfuls in 500 ml of boiling water; boil on low heat for 10 minutes, and when it cools, filter.

III. Two hours after meals drink 1 rakia (brandy) glass decoction of 1 l of pure natural or homemade red wine, ½ kg of oranges, 150 g of horse radish and 300 g of sugar candy. The oranges are cut in slices together with the peal, the horse radish is grated finely, and the sugar candy is finely crushed; together with the wine boil the mix for 1 hour on low heat. When it cools, filter squeeze through a napkin.

IV. Ten minutes after the decoction drink 1 wine glass of 75 g decoction of basil 100 g, melissa and orange peel – 80 g each, hawthorn blossom, lavender, linden blossom, oregano and hop cones – 50 g each. Of that mix, in the evening, take 2 table spoonfuls; add ½ leveled tea spoonful of valerian (roots), put all in 500 ml of boiling water. Leave them tight overnight, filter in the morning and drink with honey and lemon.

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