Bulgarian Home Remedies For Insomnia

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Insomnia

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Insomnia

    1. (Children) – 1 kg of river sand is boiled in a pan with plenty of water. When the water cools down, sick child is washed with it.
    2. (Children) –  wrap the child in cloth soaked with morning dew. The cloth is placed on a meadow grass  early morning  to absorb the water.
    3. Sleep on a pillow that is filled with dried hops.
    4. Sleep on a pillow filled with dried forest hay.
    5. Take 1 tablespoon of honey every night before sleep.
    6. Take 1 tablespoon of sugar and then immediately 1 cup of water every night before bedtime.
    7. In May collect stalks of wild red poppy together with the roots and flowers. Wash the roots well and dry the stalks in a shadow area . Fill up your pillow with the dried poppy, and sleep on it.
    8. Mix 1 tablespoon of hawthorn (Crataegus Monogyna), 1 tbsp of valerian (Valeriana officinalis), 1 tbsp of Yellow sweetclover (Melilotus Officinalis), 1 tbsp of chamomile (MatricariaChamomilla), 1 tbsp of St. John’s Wort (HypericumPerforatum). 9. Stir well, then pour 500 ml boiling water over 2 tablespoons of the mixture. Strain and drink 1/2 cup 4 times a day.
    9. Mix 20 g of each herb – raspberry leaves, immortelle (Helichrysum Arenarium), peppermint (Mentha Piperita) and elecampane (Inula Helenium). Stir well, take 3 tablespoons of the mixture and pour 500 ml of boiling water over it. Leave the concoction to cool and then drink it not later than half an hour before going to bed.
    10. I. In the morning, at noon and in the evening, 20 minutes before meals, take 1 table spoonful of the following mix: 200 ml of lemon juice, 200 ml pure olive oil, 1 g of camphor powder (dissolved in advance in a few drops of pharmaceutical alcohol, otherwise it does not dissolve), 10 ml of simple valerian tincture and hawthorn blossom tincture and 1 table spoonful of cinnamon in powder.II. Ten minutes after taking the mix, drink 1 small glass of 75 ml decoction of basil, vervain (Verbena officinalis), St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), primrose (Primula officinalis), melilot (Melilotus officinalis), camomile, lavender, melissa, peppermint, calendula (Calendula officinalis), saxifrage  (Azarum europaeum) oregano (Origanum vulgare), heather (Asplenium trichomanis), Lady’s mantle, hop cones – 50 g each. Of that mix put 2 table spoonfuls in 500 ml of boiling water. Boil on low heat for 20 more minutes, and when it cools, filter.III. Two hours after meals take 1 lump of sugar с 15-20 drops (according to age) of the following mix: simple valerian tincture 20 ml, tincture of hawthorn blossom 20 ml, water of bitter almonds 15 ml, camphor powder 1 g, and mint oil (mint in drops) – 10 drops.
    11. In order to go to sleep faster, when you go to bed, take 1 lump of sugar with 10-20 drops decoction of  horse chestnut, finely cut with shells, baked to beige in color and put in 200 ml of plum or grape rakia (brandy). Leave them in a sunny place near the fire for 10 days.
    12. If you have flatus, and you cannot sleep because of that, drink 1 small glass of 50 ml decoction of  anise (Pimpinella anisum)  – ½ tea spoonful seed in 100 ml of boiling water. Boil it for 10 minutes; when it cools, filter.
    13. Fill your pillow with basil, horse chestnut (blossom), male fern (Aspidum filix mas) hop cones  – 100 g each, geranium (leaves and blossom), melilot (Melilotus officinalis), camomile, lavender, marjoram (Origanum marjorana), melissa and stinky woodruff  (Asperula odorata) – 50 g each.
      1. mint leaves – 40 g;
      2. lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) leaves – 40 g;
      3. bogbean (Menyanthes trifoliata) leaves – 40 g;
      4. lavender flowers – 40 g;
      5. valerian (Valeriana officinalis) root – 40 g;
      6. hops cones – 30 g;
      7. thyme stems – 25 g.

      Cover 2 tablespoons of the herb mixture with half a litre of boiling water and let it sit for 2 hours. Drink 120 ml before a meal 4 times a day.

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