Bulgarian Home Remedies For Allergy

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Allergy

Bulgarian Home Remedies For Allergy

  1.  1 tsp dry sagebrush soaked for 1 night in 1 cup of cold water. The next morning, strain and drink 3 times a day after meal, 1 tablespoon with a little honey.

For children:

1 tsp Preventive: to drink 1 cup of Wormwood wine, especially in the spring

2. 100 g of fresh leaves of sorrel (Rumex acetocella) are put in half a liter of hot water and are boiled for 10 minutes. Drink half a glass of this decoction 4 times a day.

Do not use this recipe if you have gallstones or kidney stones!

3. 2 table spoonfuls of deciduous plantain (Plantago maior);
1 table spoonful of tutsan (St John’s Wort)  (Hypericum perforatum);
1 table spoonful of Melissa (Melissa officinalis).

The herbs are put in 1 liter of cold water and boiled for 10 minutes. Filter the mixture immediately and put it in a flask. The quantity is for one day. Drink one tea cup three times before meals. You must eat one lemon per day. Wash it well and eat it with the peel.

4. Respiratory allergy

Grind 2 tea table spoonful of medical chewing gum.

Mix it with 7 table spoonfuls of honey and three finely chopped onions.

Put the mixture in 250 ml of water and boil until the water is 125 ml.

Filter it and add 250 g of well broken butter.

Take one tea table spoonful of it before meals in the morning and in the evening.

5.  Allergic rashes

2 table spoonfuls of fresh and dry leaves of blackberries and raspberries are put in 600 g of hot water. Drink 100 ml of this tea half and hour before meals.

If people want to be fully cured of allergies, they should drink a freshly boiled decoction of burr marigold (Bidens tripartite) for several years instead of coffee or tea. Boil the herb like you boil tea and filter it after 20 minutes. You can drink as much as you like. It is very important that the herb be gold in colour and the decoction be fresh.

 6. Lime allergy

For cough and rashes during the period of lime tree blossoming you should drink nettle (Urtica dioica) tea.

Put 2 pinches of nettle in 500 ml of boiling water, wait until it cools and drink two or three glasses a day.

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